MineTech – a competition of mining technological challenges and solutions

Why participate?

Participation in the competition is an opportunity to attract attention of potential clients, partners or investors and to receive guidance from the leading experts.

Contenders will also develop better understanding of the technical challenges faced by mining companies which will improve their chance to attract new orders and customers.

The winners will be awarded a diploma of the Competition and valuable gifts.

Who can participate? 

We are calling for inventors, technology companies and teams from mining and polytechnic universities to present unique technologies and innovative solutions to production bottlenecks and complex challenges.

Companies, Design institutes, Researchers offering services and technologies proposed for implementation in the Russian mining industry.

The competition is open to the field-tested technologies which are ready for commercial implementation or technologies which require further tests or development.

Evaluation criteria

All presentations will be performed in front of the jury comprised of senior industry professionals.

Each contestant is allocated 15 minutes (10 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for answering questions)

Presentations are evaluated on the following criteria: innovation, practicality and relevance.

Competition partners may offer the winners to test the winning technology in the real production environment.

All presenters must register before 1 September 2019

Participation in the forum on 9-10 October and presentation at the MineTeck competition

Commercial rate Academic rate State / NGO Private individual  
Forum + “MineTeck” USD 650 USD 325 Please enquire Please enquire
Masterclasses + Forum + “MineTeck” USD 800 USD 400 Please enquire Please enquire
Gala dinner USD 200 USD 200 USD 200 USD 200
  • Payment for participation in the forum is not charged if the speaker represents a sponsor company, exhibitor or partner of the forum.
  • The opportunity to participate in the forum without paying a registration fee is provided in exceptional cases by joint decision taken by the secretariat and program committee of the forum.
  • The competition is held within the business program of the forum.
  • Entrance for spectators is free.
  • Presentations will evaluated by and independent jury consisting of senior directors and engineers of leading mining and consulting companies.
  • Each contestant is given 15 minutes for the presentation and answering questions.
  • At the discretion of the jury, the winners may be offered the opportunity to implement solutions at existing enterprises.

Competition themes

Geological exploration Ecology and recycling

Transport technology


Underground mining Enrichment Geotechnology
Open pit mining Energy efficiency Industrial Safety

Terms and conditions for accepting applications for participation in the forum with a presentation

Applications for speaker presentations at master classes, forum sessions, business podiums, MineTech, MineInvest and MineDigital competitions are accepted until 1 September 2019.

Applicants will receive reply within 5 working days after making the application.

Speakers who have received confirmation of their presentation at the Forum, Business Podium or Competition must pay the registration fee prior to the Forum (unless exception apply).

All changes in speaker presentations must be communicated in a timely manner by writing to ru@minexforum.com.

In the event of cancellation of participation, the speaker shall propose, if possible, an alternative equivalent candidate by completing new speaker application.

Requirements for the Preparation and Submission of Presentation Materials

The working languages of the forum are Russian and English. When preparing speeches and presentation slides, speakers can use either one or both languages. During the forum, only one presentation file can be presented on the screens. For the simultaneous use of two languages in the presentation, speakers can divide the slides into two parts, presenting the content of each slide in Russian and English.

Dates to remember

No later than 1 September, the speaker (or his / her assistant) are required  to complete speaker form and provide the following information: speaker’s photo, biography (up to 150 words), title of the presentation, brief summary of the presentation (up to 200 words).

No later than 15 September, email to slides@minexforum.com presentation slides for publishing in the Mobile app. In the subject please indicate “Slides for MINEX Russia 2019 mobile app”. Slides must be sent in 4:3 standard slide size in PPT, PPTX or PDF. If the file size exceeds your allowed email parameters, speakers can send it via a service such as www.dropbox.com or OneDrive, or by sending a link to the file to the following address: slides@minexforum.com

No later than 25 September, email to slides@minexforum.com for projection on the screen. In the subject please indicate “Slides for MINEX Russia 2019 screen presentation”.
Slides must be sent in 4:3 standard slide size in PPT, PPTX or PDF. If the file size exceeds your allowed email parameters, speakers can send it via a service such as www.dropbox.com or OneDrive, or by sending a link to the file to the following address: slides@minexforum.com

Russian-English Simultaneous translation will be provided for all presentations

Presentation equipment: Projector, Screen, Laptop, Clicker/Presenter, Lectern, Microphones, Audio System, Translation headsets

CSA Global (UK) Ltd became the gold medallist of the competition with the idea of optimising the mining planning using modern algorithms, supplemented by stochastic analysis. Back in 1968, this idea was described by Thys Johnson and currently has many followers. One of the parameters for optimizing the model is the reliability of the resource base, which is defined as drilling progresses.

The second and third places in the competition were awarded to AAEngineering for creating digital mines and Diamant for developing and applying new technology for the mining industry, based on the tagged neutron method.