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Metal Commodities Investment Platform

Metal Commodities Investment Platform is Media Partner to major world-wide mining events and is publisher of :


Strategic Metals & Rare Earths Letter International - published since September 2010, covering the international rare earth elements, critical metals and special mineral markets. In the last few years focused on the impact of globalization on supply and demand of battery metals having the benefit of the electric vehicle revolution.

Goldletter International - published since the 1980s; an international premier independent information and advisory source on investing in the worldwide gold equity markets, in particular with a specific focus on attractive equity investment opportunities in emerging gold regions.

Uraniumletter International - published since October 2005; an international premier information and advisory source for investing in the international uranium equity markets.

Union of Gold Producers of Russia

Union of Gold Producers of Russia (UGPR) – is a non-commercial organization which was founded in 1995. Among the members of the Union – companies producing precious metals and precious stones, refineries, commercial banks and engineering companies. Union of Gold Producers of Russia includes few biggest Russian gold mining companies, which annually produce about 70% of gold in Russia. The main purpose of UGPR is coordination of efforts of UGPR’s members to prepare and realize concrete actions for developing gold mining and precious metals industry in Russia, as well as lobbing interests of UGPR’s members in governmental institutions of Russian Federation. Union Initiatives on improving the legal framework of the market of precious metals and subsoil legislation are actively represented in the State Duma (parliament), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce of Russia and other state institutions. UGPR is actively defending the interests of members of the Union concerning subsoil use at the parliamentary hearings in the State Duma (parliament) and during the meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. Many years, the Union of Gold Producers of Russia collects and analyzes inaccessible statistical data specialized in the production and consumption of gold, silver, platinum group metals and diamonds in Russia, which Is reflected in the annual reviews of the Union, and sending it to the relevant ministries and departments of the country. The Union also prepares and publishes quarterly reports on mining and production of gold in Russia, which include real-time data of refined gold by domestic gold mining enterprises and the Russian regions. One of the most important task of UGPR at the present stage is the attraction of long-term investments and reliable investors into Russian gold mining industry. UGPR is traditionally partnered with the Russian banking community and actively attracts new investors to the industry from investment banks, private equity funds and private investors. UGPR is working on attraction to the industry of new financial instruments (such as gold loans, etc.) and on the creation in Russia of a specialized stock exchange for small and mid-cap and so-called junior companies conducting advanced exploration works. The Union attracts to the Russian gold mining industry investors from China and other countries from South-east Asia, contributing to the dynamic growth of partnership relations between our countries. In light of the increased cooperation between China and Russia, the Union of Gold Producers has taken steps to establish relations with Chinese partners, including big commercial banks, investment companies, exchange platforms and gold mining companies.

Conference Modern Geological Exploration

“20 years of innovation in exploration”


On October 7 - 8, 2019, a conference for professionals of the exploration industry will be held in St. Petersburg and involves the participation of managers, chief engineers, chief designers and technologists of the largest drilling contractors of Russia and the CIS countries.

The conference program "20 years of innovation in exploration" is designed for two days of plenary sessions and thematic sections. The event will be held in the form of lectures and discussions - the organizers and participants will make presentations, talk about their achievements in the geological field, identify industry problems, everyone will be able to ask questions and consult with more experienced colleagues.

The opening ceremony of the conference will be held at the University of Mines on October 7. The Rector (First Vice-Rector) of the St. Petersburg State University will address the guests with welcoming speeches, and the first results of the joint project of «EZTAB» and the University of Mines will be summed up, where successful students of the university will have the opportunity to practice at the largest drilling contractors in Russia.

The second day of the conference, October 8, will be devoted to the discussion of topics that are highly professional for geologists in the round table.

The official closing ceremony of the conference will take place in the solemn atmosphere of the gala dinner.

The conference “20 years of innovation and exploration” is an unprecedented event for the industry. The organisers believe that the participants and guests will be able to forge personal partnerships, which is necessary for geological exploration, which does not yet have its own SRO.

To participate in the conference, please contact the marketing department of EZTAB.

Ms. Galina Yussa

Mob. + 7 911 959 9824

Office. + 7 812 323 8914 ext 211



Mining Magazine of Kazakhstan

The scientific and technological as well as a production journal, full-color illustrated publication. It has been published bi-monthly since 2003, its circulation amounts to 1500 copies, each issue carrying a brief Kazakh, Russian and English summary of the materials published. Provides exhaustive information on matters relating to the development of deposits, new technologies, mining transport and processing equipment, mining geology, ecology etc.

Subscription indices – 75807 in the catalogues of the «Kazpost», «Evrika – press», «Eurasia press» agency.

First Geological internet-channel

First Geological internet-channel: 

- First Russian-language geological/mining YouTube video-channel
- Established in 2012 by private investors,
Channel has over 8000 direct YouTube-subscribers, 

- More than 1.200.000 views,
More than 1000 videos,
More than 1000 daily views


  • Mining engineers, geologists, mining and oil & gas companies top-managers and owners, scientists, mining, geological and oil & gas university professors.  
  • Geography: 71% Russian, 29% abroad (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, the UK, USA, etc.) 
  • Demography: age of viewers - 25-45 

PartnershipsNon-commercial Partnerships "Miners of Russia", Union of Oil & Gas industry of Russia,  Forum “MINEX”MISIS-MSMU, MSU, Russian State Geological Prospecting University (MGRI-RSGPU), the Union of Goldminers of Russia, the organizers of the exposition "MiningWorld-Russia", Russian Geology Society - RosGeoVIMS (Mining Research Institute), Mineralogy Institute of Ural District of Russian Academy of Science (Miass-town, Ural), Geology Institute of Russian Academy of Science (Ufa), Mining Institute of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), Vernadsky Geology Museum (Moscow)Fersman Mineralogy Museum (Moscow), Oceanology Institute of Russian Academy of Science, etc.
The channel broadcasted the lectures of members of the Russian Academy of Science: Alexander LisitsinRobert NigmatulinFedor LetnikovAnatoly DmitrievskyAlexey KontorovichNicolay BortnikovNicolay MelnikovYury MalyshevVictor PuchkovLev PuchkovLeonid VaysbergNicolay YereminVictor ShatskyVictor Anfilogov, Vice President of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Arens, etc.
We moderate Facebook-communities: "Geology and Mining in Russia",  IT-Technologies and Innovations in Mining”, «Metallurgy». 

We also hold regular scientific seminar «IT and Innovations in mining» (MISIS-MSMU). 

Viewers Feedback:  
Victor Starostin,  Professor, Chair of geology and geochemistry at the MSU (Lomonosov University), PhD:  
"- The channel has become an important and necessary element of the Russian geology community. This is the only cross-field information channel that provides current updates not only to those who work, research or study geology but also those who are just interested".    
Valery Maslennikov, Director of Mineralogy Institute of Ural District of RAS, PhD: 
"- Creation and development of the First Geological channel are very important to spread scientific knowledge about Earth. The channel shares new problems in the research of origins, mining, and processing of various mineral resources in one of the most natural ways. It also gets us acquainted with the people who create this knowledge in the areas of geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and geo-ecology". 
Boris KurtsevMicromine-Russia, General Manager: 
«- The channel helps mining industry professionals to get current data. The information, posted on the channel, helps us stay updated on the latest developments and opinions of leading experts. We take those into account when planning our future operations». 
Igor Belousov, viewer: «- I'm really surprised by your channel. It's very alive and you post interesting well-designed videos pretty often. We do not see this a lot on Russian YouTube...». is a global search system for exhibitions around the world.

The platform is aimed at promoting international exhibition events. Our purpose is to popularize exhibition projects connected to our system. processes and sends to the organizers hundreds of applications from potential participants of international exhibitions on the daily basis.

Connection to our system is done according to the terms of cooperation on the CPA model.

Find your exhibition!© Team

TotalExpo – is a Reliable Web Source dedicated to key Exhibitions & Trade Shows Worldwide. Featuring a classification of 50 Activity Topics, TotalExpo purpose is to cover major Trade Exhibitions all over the planet. We also provide you with all necessary assistance if you wish to visit or take part in a trade show or exhibition.

Business World Kazakhstan

Business World Kazakhstan is:

  • First Eurasian Business Magazine
  • Official partner of business events in EAEU countries
  • Kazakhstan’s brand, which represents the Republic of Kazakhstan at international events
  • Platform for sharing information, exchanging opinions and experiences, proving oneself, and finding clients and partners. The magazine with more than 7 years of experience has been the Official media partner of the business events not only in Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), but also in the United States, Singapore, Austria, Germany, Georgia, and other countries.


Published by Russia’s Ministry of Energy, Ugol’ (Russian Coal Journal) is a monthly journal, that deals with scientific, technical, industrial and economic topics. Journal established in 1925. Ugol’ is the leading journal of Russia’s Coal Mining Industry. The main subscribers are Russia’s coal mining enterprises (coal companies, underground and surface mines, machine manufacturers, research establishments and others). Apart from Russia, the journal is also distributed to foreign subscribers in 15 countries and the CIS. Ugol’ (Russian Coal Journal) publishes industrial and social issues of coal mining companies. Furthermore, it provides economic information, statistical data, outlooks, regional reports, news about progress in mining technologies and equipment, underground and surface mining, coal processing, and utilization, articles on environmental issues, miners’ safety and health. Also included are experiences in other countries, short news items, mining exhibition, and congress reports, official documents, notes on the history of mining.

Volume – 80-88 pages and cover, size A4, art paper. Circulation – 6300 copies.


MetalsMining is a weekly newsletter providing a comprehensive and thorough approach to the metallurgy news in Russia and other countries of the СIS. Each publication highlights the most significant events in different sectors of the metallurgy industry, including precious metals & gems, base metals, and coal. The separate part of the publication covers the events of the state regulatory agencies and legislation developments. The newsletter also provides a view on metallurgy companies' M&A deals, financial results, and activities on the capital markets. The analytical part of the weekly edition contains a deep insight into the most up-to-date topics thrilling the markets.

PRIME Business News Agency

Prime is the leading business news agency in Russia and a subsidiary of Rossiya Segodnya media company. It ranks 1st among the most-cited financial news agencies in the country. An outstanding team of journalists and analysts works day and night so that subscribers will be the first to know the key Russian and global economic news and events. PRIME provides data to the Russia's Presidential Executive Office, Russian Government, Bank of Russia and other public agencies as well as to major Russian banks and companies. PRIME subscribers include news aggregators and leading business media.

Gornaya Promyshlennost Journal

«GORNAYA PROMYSHLENNOST» («MINING INDUSTRY») is an international specialized scientific and technical trade journal dedicated to the progress and latest engineering developments in mining, mining engineering and processing equipment, modern computer systems, scientific studies, R&D, state of the mineral resources market, experience in investments into mining both in the FSU countries and abroad. Official mouthpiece of the Russian Academy of Mining Sciences, Higher Academic Council of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences (EAMS). It has been published bimonthly since 1994. Its circulation – up to 25,000 (print +online).

Rational development of the subsoil

Scientific, technical and methodological journal

The journal covers a wide range of issues of subsoil use, including legal and regulatory support, economic strategy and innovative development of the Russian mining industry. The special section “Vesti TsKR” publishes exclusive materials on the work of the TsKR on the review and approval of project documentation for the development of deposits, comments and recommendations of the members of the TsKR and leading specialists of the department for evaluating mining projects of VIMS. It also covers the issues of rational and comprehensive development of deposits, deep processing of mineral raw materials, the creation and implementation of innovative geo-technologies and equipment, industrial safety, environmental aspects of subsoil use, analytical materials on mineral resources bases and raw materials markets, information about significant events in the industry.

Gornaya kniga (GIAB)

«Gornaya kniga» since 1992 has published more than 3500 books on mining, geology, oil and gas, construction technologies, mechanical engineering, economics, ecology, mining law, physics, and mathematics. The publishing house’s manuals, handbooks and monographies are spread throughout libraries and universities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Ukraine, Mongolia, and others.

The MINING INFORMATIONAL AND ANALYTICAL BULLETIN (SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL JOURNAL), GIAB – the leading mining magazine that comprises scientific articles on all the technical disciplines connected with mineral exploration and extraction, including oil and gas, building and exploitation of mines and quarries, pipelines, and refiners – is printed on a monthly basis. The magazine is on the High Attestation Commission’s (VAK) list. The Russian Index of Academic Citing (RINZ) also indexes it. GIAB gives a very deep insight on the industry’s condition in general and provides information about innovations in the fields of manufacturing organization, sound technologies, and up-to-date equipment.


LAWTEK.RU is an Internet platform that incorporates projects in the fuel and energy complex regulation field (oil, gas, subsoil use, power generation).

· Educational projects in the LawTEK School - workshops, courses, case studies.

· Practical conferences - Taxes and TEK Forum, All-Russian Subsoil User Forum.

· Information projects: Oil, Gas and Law Journal; Energy and Law Journal; "SUBSOIL USE" magazine; Energy Sector Bulletin: Legal Issues.

· Internet project: LawTek.Ru portal

Russian mining and construction digest

"Russian mining and construction digest" - (mining, construction, industry). Internet edition highlights significant events in these sectors. Media partner and participant of Important events at the federal and industrial levels. Serves as an important communicative bridge of Russian wide, CIS and international markets.

Minerals Catalog

Minerals Catalog: everything about gems and minerals!

Our website is a popular science magazine: the main part is a virtual collection of minerals and gems. On the website you will find photographs, descriptions and thematic articles on mineralogy and the history of the stones.

The website also has a daily updated news feed on geology, mineralogy, and mining. Announcements of interesting events and events are published.

The forum of the catalog of minerals daily discusses geological and near-geological topics.

The Mineral Deposit section contains information on many mineralogically interesting regions of the world.

Globus magazine

The Globus magazine is a specialized publication dedicated to the exploration, mining, and processing of mineral resources, combined with the MATRIX information system intended for suppliers of mining enterprises. The main approach of the consortium is a comprehensive information service for mining enterprises.
Distribution territory: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

Edition of 9000 copies.

Information system MATRIX has its own software developed specifically for the mining departments of the mining enterprises.

We offer everyone to receive each fresh number on their mobile phones. By installing the application "Journal of the Globe", you will be able to receive an alert of exit and read the number on the day of the edition issue.

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"Gornyi Zhurnal" Mining Journal

«GORNYI ZHURNAL» MINING JOURNAL- the oldest Russian monthly scientific, technical and industrial journal about all the problems of mining and extraction of minerals. The experience of mining of ores, stones, building materials. The most advanced ideas in the domain of mining, scientific development, new designs of mining machines. Published since 1825. Circulaation — 3000 copies. The journal «Gornyi Zhurnal» was included into the international bibliographic and abstract database Scopus, which is an instrument for tracking of scientific articles' citedness. Tel./Fax: (499) 230-27-48, (499) 230-27-18 E-mail:

Mine Surveying And Subsurface Use

9, 17 by lane of Maryina Roscha

Moscow, 127521, Russia

Phone/Fax: (495) 618-70-01, 618-62-07.

Phone: (495) 998-49-96, 776-82-40.


MINE SURVEYING AND SUBSURFACE USE  is a journal for specialists of surveying, geological, and ecological services, for leaders and executives of federal and regional bodies, scientists, teachers of higher educational institutions, for research institutes and designing organizations.

The magazine is issued 6 times a year in black-and-white with colour inserts and cover. The format is A4, each issue contains above 70 pages.

Gornyi Zhurnal

«GORNYI ZHURNAL» MINING JOURNAL- the oldest Russian monthly scientific, technical and industrial journal about all the problems of mining and extraction of minerals. The experience of mining of ores, stones, building materials. The most advanced ideas in the domain of mining, scientific development, new designs of mining machines. Published since 1825. Circulaation — 3000 copies. The journal «Gornyi Zhurnal» was included into the international bibliographic and abstract database Scopus, which is an instrument for tracking of scientific articles' citedness.

Gold and technology

The informational and analytical  "Gold and technologies" magazine specializes on gold mining, technological features of gold mining process, the state of affairs in this industry, the legislative base, geology, investigation, etc. The edition is distributed to all gold mining enterprises of Russia, refineries, scientific and research laboratories and organizations. Besides, the magazine is received by central and regional departments' officials of subsurface use and also the Russian and foreign producers, and equipment's suppliers, suppliers for gold mining industry's technologies. The geography of distribution is 25 Russian Federation territorial regions. 

Frequency of  release – 4 numbers a year, edition volume – more than 120 pages, circulation – 950 pieces