Key Events

Forum program

The 9-10 October Forum program will feature over 100 keynotes, technical presentations and panel discussions.

Master classes

On 8 October the Forum will start with a series of five master classes organised by AMC Consultants, SRK Consulting, IHC/Clariant, ArtGeo and Contitech.

Trade & Investment Show

Over 50 mining, service and technology companies will present at the Mining Trade & Investment Show organised alongside the Forum on 9 and 10 October.

Mining Going Digital

On 10 October the Forum will host the conference “Mining Going Digital” which will showcase digitisation of mining and metallurgical enterprises.

Helping subsoil users

At the exhibition pavilion “Helping subsoil users” delegates will be able to receive consultations from the leading experts from Rosnedra, FBU GKZ, RosgeolExpertiza, TsKR, VIMS, TsNIGRI.


Companies and Entrepreneurs will be competing at the MineTech, MineInvest, MineDigital, MineMovie and Russian Mining Excellence Awards competitions organised alongside the Forum.


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