Zhiyan Zhou

General Director
China Gold Trade Corporation

Zhou Zhiyang, Senior Accountant Professor, General Manager of China Gold Trade Corporation Limited (CGT).

China Gold Trade Corporation Limited (CGT) is a 100% state-owned large trading company. CGT is wholly owned by the China National Gold Group (CNG), CNG is the largest gold mining company in China. CNG has 6 major gold refineries that have advanced technologies in the processing of refractory ores containing As, Sb, C, etc., the annual need for gold concentrates is 100,000 tons, and the annual demand for copper concentrates is more than 500,000 tons. The main responsibility of CGT is the procurement of production materials and living materials for more than 200 CNG subsidiaries, as well as the centralized procurement of various types of mining equipment, the provision of reliable materials and logistics support services for CNG's large-scale infrastructure projects. At the same time, CGT is the main CNG platform for conducting international business. CGT and CNG design institutes, research institutes and engineering companies jointly participate in the development of large-scale EPC projects in China and abroad, the supply of mining equipment and materials, and have become a world-famous and reliable supplier of large-scale mining services.

09.10.2019 14:30 - Technical Session 3 | Pushkin Hall

The prospect of cooperation between Russia and China in the processing of refractory gold-bearing ores

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