Vladimir Vlasenko

Head of Implementation Department

33-year-old Vladimir Vlasenko is Head of Implementation Department in K-MINE Inc.
In 2008, he graduated from Kryvyi Rih Mining Institute (now Kryvyi Rih National University).
He began his career in 2008 at KRIVBASSACADEMINVEST.
He manages projects for the introduction of automated mining management systems at enterprises with open and underground mining methods.
His areas of expertise and interests are geoinformational technologies, mining-and-geological design works, automation of mineral extraction and processing, integrated manufacturing control systems.

09.10.2019 14:30 - MineDigital | Chekhov Hall

The system of end-to-end planning of the work of the main shops of the mining and processing enterprise.

Presents the experience of development and implementation of integrated automated systems for end-to-end planning of major plants mining and processing enterprises. The sequence of technological processes of production, transportation and processing of rock mass in the conditions of the processing plants involves the need to regulate most of the techno-economic performance of the main divisions and stages of the process of redistribution (e.g. volume of extracted/processed ore, consumption of energy, water, etc.) within a given range planning. The purpose of the system end-to-end planning is to improve the efficiency and consistency of processes of technological planning and production planning the main shops, the reduction of the complexity of the operations re-planning, simplification of the control of performance targets based on actual data activity of the company and all its technological links.

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