Vitaliy Kovalenko

General Director
Blast Maker

Born in 1940 Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo region.

Since 1942 he has been living in Kyrgyzstan.

Graduated from the Mining and Geological Faculty, Frunze Polytechnic Institute (1963).

Qualification: mining engineer.

Candidate of Technical Sciences (1971).

Research interests: explosion physics, mathematical modelling, computer-aided design systems, information technology, communications.

The main scientific results are published in journals: Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, Explosion Physics, Physical and Technical Problems of Mineral Development, Mining Journal. The author of more than 70 scientific papers, including books, study guides.

10.10.2019 11:30 - Business Podium 4 | Glinka Hall

From Blast Maker software and hardware to a digital mine

Of particular importance is the fact that digital technologies, in particular PTC “Blast Maker”, provide real information about mine, taking into account all the heterogeneities in real time. We consider this a great achievement.

Energy intensity is a generalised, universal indicator that is present in all mining processes associated with rock destruction and, indirectly, in processes associated with scooping and moving blasted rock, which allows monitoring and control of all the main stages of the open cast mining cycle in a single criteria.

The completeness of information on the structure and heterogeneity of the massif, the use of mining equipment, the main parameters and operating modes of the equipment, provides a real opportunity to create a digital quarry and optimise all processes of open cast mining.

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