Vasiliy Kurashko

Chief Geologist
Kinross Gold

In 1982, Vasiliy graduated from Tomsk State University and received the qualification of a geologic engineer. Since that time, he has been working in Magadan. He has started his job in the industry as a chief senior geologist, geologist, and senior exploration geologist of the North Even exploration expedition.

Since 2004, Vasiliy has been working in Omolon Gold Mining Company as a resident geologist, senior geologists, in Chukotka Mining Geological Company as a chief geologist and as a chief geologist in Kinross Far East.

Vasiliy was engaged in calculation of reserves of Kupol, Dvoinoye and Moroshka deposits.

Since 2011, he is a Member of the Russian Society of Subsoil Use Experts (OERN).

Vasiliy was awarded with the Certificate of Honour of the Russian Federal Government Agency State Commission on. Mineral Reserves (GKZ), the mark of distinction “First Discovery of Deposit” by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, and the Badge of Honour “In recognition of the services” by the Chukotka Autonomous Region.

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