Sergey Cherkasov

Vernadsky State Geological Museum of RAS (SGM RAS)

Graduated from Moscow Geological Prospecting Instutute in 1983 as geophysicist. Field works in Kazakhstan, Far East, Arkhangelsk Region, Northern Caucasus, Urals. PhD in geology (2001). Author of theory on through-crustal heat-and-mass flow's traces as indicators of ore-forming processes. Over 100 scientific publications in the fields of ore geology, informational systems in geology, geophysics, geothermal energy, and natural history museums. IAGOD Honorary life membership. Member of IAGOD Council, in 2008-2012 - IAGOD Secretary General. Member of Russian-French Metallogenic Laboratory Board of Directors. Director of SGM RAS since 2015.

10.10.2019 16:00 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 5 | Tolstoy Hall

Open access to the natural history museums' data, their digital analysis and processing for geology.

The goal of SGM RAS IT research is to develop information environment integrating natural history museums' data and services for these data processing facilitating researches in the field of Earth sciences.

Since 2017, SGM RAS develops an Open Access Portal providing access to the museum's collections using advanced methods and technologies. The Portal allows users to receive online big sets of data for research, educational, and other purposes. The sets of data are being organised in correspondence with major museum's collections and research topics.
The standards of metadata and protocols used in the Portal target integration of the museum's data in the worldwide natural science net as well as organisation of the access point to the open data of other Russian natural history museums. Integration of informational resources of these museums will be provided through the access point corresponding with common international standards.

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