Sergey Borovichenko

Commercial Director

2006-2017 CEO “Dyuamel” LLC. Prospecting of gold ore. Exploitation of gold ore mines.

09.10.2019 12:15 - MineDigital | Pushkin Hall

Rapid assessment of the cost of transshipment of 1 m3 of rock mass. Example of developing a alluvial gold deposit using modern methods

Operational cost estimate. Difficulties of implementation in remote fields.


-Creation of the necessary infrastructure: WiFi coverage at the field, equipping GPS equipment with controllers and sensors, video surveillance systems
-Equipment of loading equipment and bulldozers with a complex for measuring depth with 3D cameras
-Automatic data collection from equipment on the enterprise server
-Analysis of the enterprise (volumes of transshipment, downtime, fuel consumption, maintenance and repair)
-Evaluation of the efficiency of the excavator, loader, dump truck for processing depth data from 3D cameras
-Evaluation of the performance of a bulldozer with 3D cameras with a depth map, accelerometer and gyroscope with the construction of a motion track


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