Pierre De Groulard

Export Director

Pierre de Groulard is Export Director of LIM SAS, French company working on the Russian market since 2018.

09.10.2019 14:30 - Business Podium 1 | Glinka Hall

Exploration and mining production: measurement while and after drilling

Measurement while drilling:
Drilling data logging devices composed of a drilling datalogger and sensors are installed on drill rigs (for mining exploration and production) to measure and record while drilling and vs depth drilling parameters (penetration rate of the bit, hydraulic pressures, rotation speed) that are of great help for geological interpretation. For mining production, other functions like high accuracy drill navigation GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) makes possible the right positionning of the drill bit prior to drilling.

Measurement after drilling:
Borehole televiewer probes, optical and acoustic depending on the borehole quality are indispensable tools to allow a complete visual appreciation of target zones in terms of lithology, mineralisation and alteration and develop structural models of an ore body and host rocks based on an analysis of the different types of discontinuity present (bedding, joints, fractures, veins).

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