Olga Plevako


Partner, Investments and Capital Markets Department, Head of KPMG Practice in the Metals and Mining Industry in Russia and the CIS.

At the beginning of 2006, in the audit department, where a large audit control was conducted by Russian and foreign industrial companies in accordance with IFRS, RAP and US GAAP.

In 2005, Olga moved to the transaction support group. Olga participated in various international conferences in the CIS countries and Europe. In the transaction support group, Olga dealt with pre-sale research projects and placing on the exchange of industrial companies and enterprises of the consumer market.

Since 2013, Olga has been a KPMG partner.
The company also engaged in the sale of assets in large volumes. In addition, Olga leads asset acquisition projects in the transport and logistics sector.

Olga participates in an IPO on the London and Hong Kong stock exchanges, the world's leading metallurgical and mining group, an international oil-producing company, a large private energy company in Russia, and a large Russian coal-mining company.

MINEX and the London Stock Exchange.

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