Nasreddine Bournas

Senior Geophysicist/Regional Sales Manager

Dr. Nasreddine Bournas is a Senior Geophysicist and Regional Sales Manager with Geotech Ltd, the World Leader in Airborne Geophysical Surveys. Nasreddine is a registered professional Geoscientist in Ontario and Quebec. He has over than 30 years of experience in the field of Geophysics with 13 years of Canadian experience. Prior to moving to Canada, Nasreddine worked for the Algerian Mining and Nuclear agencies and taught geophysical courses at the University of Boumerdes, Algeria. After moving to Canada, Nasreddine worked for Quantec Geoscience Ltd where he gained a solid experience in ground geophysics (DCIP and MT) applied to the exploration of mineral and geothermal resources. Since Nasreddine joined Geotech Ltd, he has been involved in many Canadian and international jobs and traveled in many countries. His main tasks focus mainly on the interpretation and integration of multidisciplinary airborne geophysical data. He gained a wide expertise in airborne EM modeling (VTEM and ZTEM) and interpretation applied to the exploration of mineral and groundwater resources.

Dr. Bournas has a Master Degree in Geophysics from the Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Russia (1986), one of the oldest technical Colleges in Europe and a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algiers, Algeria (2001). Nasreddine has published many papers and gave many presentations at international level. He is a member of KEGS, SEG and the EAGE.

09.10.2019 16:30 - Technical Session 4 | Tolstoy Hall

The VTEM and ZTEM airborne EM technologies for the exploration of mineral resources- Case Studies.

The VTEM and ZTEM systems, considered as the most advanced airborne EM technologies, have helped mineral exploration companies find dozens of deposits. The technologies’ success can be traced to the company’s relentless focus not only on innovation and modernization of airborne EM instrumentation but also on advanced data processing and high level data interpretation.

In this talk, we will show some successful case histories from various areas of the World with focus on the exploration of various mineral resources, including precious metals, base metals, kimberlites as well as the exploration of groundwater resources.

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