Mikhail Zenochkin

Area Sales Manager
Continental Tires RUS

Mr. Mikhail Zenochkin is the Area Sales Manager of Commercial Speciality Tires (CST) of Continental Tire Division in Moscow. His role is local sales development of the CST product line (Earthmover, Industrial and Special tires), including sales; market & distribution development; technical support; pricing and commercial conditions and other activities in Russia and CIS.

Mr. Zenochkin received his university degree in Moscow State Steel and Alloys Institute in 1996. In 1997-2002 he was engaged in research work in Europe and USA. Since 2004 he developed his professional competences in Earthmover & Industrial tires. He joined Continental Tires RUS in 2017. Mr. Zenochkin has an extensive experience on OTR-tire expertise with major Russian mining companies, as well as experience exchanges with mining companies from USA, Canada, South Africa, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Spain and Sweden. He is author of 10 scientific articles on material engineering and 6 articles on OTR-tire operation, published in “Mining Journal”, “Gold-Mining Industry”, “Mining Information & Analytical Bulletin” and “Non-Metallic Materials”.

08.10.2019 17:10 - Masterclass Contitech | Tolstoy Hall

Modern systems of control and management of industrial tires operation in the mining industry.

The analysis and evaluation of factors affecting on earthmover (OTR) tire performance and respective recommendations about increase of their resource (results) are presented. The basic principles of the methodology of operational management and control of OTR-tires are considered. The achievements of Continental AG in the segment of innovative and economical OTR-tires for the mining industry are noted.

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