Michael Plouse

Project Manager
Continental ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group

Mr. Michael Plouse is a Project Manager for Conti+, a web and application service platform that enables companies to optimize business processes, by having a better control of their conveyor systems. His role is to define the customer needs, prioritize development, and control execution of new content releases into the field.

Mr. Plouse received his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics at The University of Mount Union, USA. He Joined ContiTech directly out of college located in Fairlawn, Ohio. He successfully completed the ContiTech Industrial Products Program, certifying him as a ContiTech Technical Manager. This role provided direct technical support, product development and training to key conveyor belt customers in the industrial market. As a Technical Manager, he successfully implemented and utilized the Conti+ service platform at key customers by optimizing their conveyor system operations.

08.10.2019 17:10 - Masterclass Contitech | Tolstoy Hall

Continental Service Platform and Master Data Management Solution

Conti+ is a web and app service platform that enables companies to maximize their performance and profitability by optimizing their conveyor system operation.

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