Iuliia Shelukhina

Executive director
Skytevarn Resources

Iuliia Shelukhina graduated from Geology Department of St. Petersburg State University in 2003. After graduation until 2011 she has been working in St. Petersburg State University and defended PhD in 2011. In 2006-2009 was a geologist of Karelia diamond project at Rio Tinto Exploration. In 2012-2016 Iuliia has been working as a senior geologist in Australia in coal mining industry. Since 2016 is a senior lecturer at St. Petersburg State University (courses Ore mineralogy, Geology of mineral deposits). Also since 2016 – principle scientist at LLC “LIMS”. In 2018 Iuliia has become an executive director of LLC “Skytevarn resources”.

09.10.2019 16:00 - MineInvest | Chekhov Hall

Placer garnet deposits of Lotta river (Murmansk area): Skytevarn project development, technological properties of garnet sands

In recent decades, new technologies for processing minerals associated with the use of abrasive materials have been actively developed. Waterjet cutting using garnet abrasive technology is developing very fast. Many indigenous deposits of technical pomegranate raw materials have been explored in Russia, however, almost all of these deposits have not been developed due to low economic viability. In the Murmansk region, new large alluvial manifestations of garnet-containing sands were discovered, the development of which can provide highly liquid, strategic raw materials. Currently, three placers are explored in the Lotta Valley, the total resources of pomegranate in which are estimated at 3.0 million tons.


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