Iris Dzeba

General Manager
IBM Russia & CIS

Iris Dzeba is the IT professional with over 15 years of international leadership experience and over 10 years of experience in the banking sector.

Iris joined IBM in 2005 as a sales representative. Since 2009, she has held leadership positions in the region in Central and Eastern Europe, including the CEO of the IBM corporation in Serbia, and then worked at IBM Systems and Shanghai's Growth Markets. She took up the position of IBM CEO in Russia and the CIS on 1 November 2018.

Iris Dzeba holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honours from Banja Luka University (Faculty of Radio Engineering). She is interested in hiking, travel and reading.

Bringing scale and adoption to Digital Transformation in Mining business

Despite the promise of Digital Technologies many Mining companies' efforts with it are falling short. Most companies have run ad-hoc pilots or are applying AI and Digital technologies to a single business process. Mining business leaders must take steps to break down cultural and organisation barriers for digital wave transformation to effectively capture value opportunities.

Digital Transformation initiatives needs to have a clear compelling digital strategy, and the execution approach when more integrated and "inside-out", business will be at a great advantage where humans and machines working together outperform either humans or machines working on their own.

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