Inna Shalovenkova

Regional Leader, Russia and the CIS

Inna Shalovenkova has more than 15 years of experience in the mining and geological industry, in all aspects related to three-dimensional modelling, assessment of mineral resources and reserves calculation. She began her career in the Russian representative office of Gemcom, where she took an active part in projects for three-dimensional modelling and implementation of software products at mining and geological enterprises in Russia. After that, she moved to work at Severstal's gold ore division, and then at Nordgold as an IT implementation project manager.

She has a bachelor's degree in geology and a master's degree (with honours) in the economic valuation of solid mineral deposits. Since May 2017, she held the position of Leading Geologist and Project Manager for 3D modelling and reserves estimation at Seequent. She is currently Seequent's Regional Manager for Russia and the CIS.

10.10.2019 16:00 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 4 | Main Hall

Benefits of single digital environment for geological information management

Information technologies are actively developing all over the globe. Geological and mining industries do not stand aside and actively implement them as well.

Processes move to cyberspace, information technologies develop and improve, volumes of processed and transmitted data increase greatly. All the above lead to the following problems:

1) data is scattered and stored in different sources;
2) limited and inefficient interaction between specialists, divisions, departments;
3) limitations of data storage formats, software compatibility problems;
4) management of geological and resource models is complicated.

Seequent software solves these and many other problems that geologists face every day. All Leapfrog products can be combined into a single geological information environment ensuring rapid geological models creation, excellent visualisation, dynamic updating of models with new data, models and information preservation. Seequent cloud solutions allow users from different parts of the world to work together on one model and present results of their work in 3D. Advanced visualisation ensures visibility so that even a person with no experience in geology can understand the geological structure of the deposit.

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