Ilya Yakushev

Founder and President
RIT Automation

Ilya Yakushev is a founder and CEO of RIT Automation Company.

Prior to that Ilya subsequently spent eight years with Wenco Mining Systems (Canada) in both operational and technical leadership roles working at multiple operations in Russia and abroad.

He has a First-Class Honours degree in IT and Management.

09.10.2019 12:15 - MineDigital | Pushkin Hall

A step towards Industry 4.0 in the field of blasting: BlastManager control system for charge-charging machines based on high-precision positioning

The presentation proposes to consider the latest development of RIT Automation - an automated control system for BlastManager mixing and charging machines. The system will allow charging wells based on projects digitally downloaded to a specialised on-board computer SPM, while using a high-precision positioning system, accurate identification of the well and navigation along the block is ensured, as well as monitoring the completion of the charging project, automated accounting of the flow of explosives and other important workers parameters. Due to the use of digital data and wireless technologies, the efficiency of work is increased, information on the actual implementation of the project and any deviations becomes available in real time.

The built-in dispatch and downtime control module allows optimal distribution of machines on the unit, as well as increase their productivity. The proposed technological platform allows in the future to solve the problems of ensuring the robotisation of the process of charging wells.

10.10.2019 09:30 - Business Podium 3 | Glinka Hall

DrillManager - an automated control system for the drilling complex and BlastManager - a control system for mixing and charging machines

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