Igor Agapov

Director of science and technology research division
Polymetal Engineering

Graduated from Leningrad Technological Institute named after Lensovet with a degree in “radiation chemistry” in 1986. Candidate of chemical sciences.

In 1990 – assistant professor at inorganic chemistry academic department at Leningrad Technological Institute.
From 1999 has been working at JSC Polymetal starting from a leading industrial engineer.
From 2001 – leading engineer of hydrometallurgical lab (technological research division).
From 2002 till 2004 – deputy director of production research department. Participated in process engineering activities for all subsidiaries of the company.
In 2004 – 2006 – deputy director of production research division of CJSC Polymetal Engineering.
From 2014 – director of science and technology research division of JSC Polymetal Engineering.

Author of 29 scientific papers and several patents. Mr Agapov is a Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (London).

09.10.2019 14:30 - Technical Session 3 | Pushkin Hall

Amursk POX 2 project - the new high temperature autoclave for processing of double refractory gold concentrates

Amursk POX plant is the key element of Amursk Processing Hub. The POX 1 project was completed in 4 years, and in 2012 the first gold was poured from low carbon Albazino concentrate. The Amursk facility became the first POX plant in Russia. Since it was started up, the plant has been processing more than 150 thousand tonnes of concentrate per year. In 2015, the debottlenecking project was started to add processing capacity at Amursk for Kyzyl concentrate. The project was successfully completed on schedule and was ramped up to full capacity in 6 months. The debottlenecking project increased the plant’s processing capacity to 200 thousand tonnes of concentrate per year in order to process additional low carbon concentrate from Kyzyl.
POX-2 is designed for processing double refractory concentrates. The main idea of this project is oxidation not only sulfide but organic carbon also. The facility will utilise titanium-lined steel autoclave operating at 240 ˚С and the pressure of 43 bar.The POX 2 design throughput capacity is 200-275 Ktpa of concentrate, depending on the levels of sulphur content. Maximum sulfide sulfur processing capacity is 48 Ktpa.

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