Gregory Shaun Collins

Vice President - Exploration
IG Group

Gregory S Collins, VP Exploration. Mr Collins is a professional geologist with over 26 years of experience in the mining/exploration industry. He has held senior roles with companies such as North Limited, Anglogold Ashanti and more recently as China/Russia Exploration Manager and Chief Geologist for Eldorado Gold. In his capacity as Chief Geologist, he took an active role in developing mine geology models and in-mine (underground and open pit) exploration efforts in the company’s China operations. Mr Collins has experience in the North Asia exploration scene, having worked in the China/Mongolia/Russia region since 2004. Prior to this he worked in the industry throughout Australia, exploring for a wide range of base and precious metal deposits. He has a proven ability to identify and add high quality projects to a company’s portfolio. He was responsible for directing Anglogold Ashanti’s entry into the world class Tropicana project in Western Australia, leading to the discovery of the +8Moz Havana/Tropicana deposit. More recently he managed exploration at the world class 1.66Bt Malmyzh Copper-Gold deposit in the Russian Far East, through advanced exploration, due diligence and final sale.

10.10.2019 09:30 - Technical Session 5 | Tolstoy Hall

Russia - Open for Business

The mining investment community, in all its shapes and sizes, is constantly monitoring the globe for potential opportunities. As countries change governments, allegiances and inevitably legislation, the investment community’s perception of risk changes with it. As a result, most countries with a reasonable degree of mineral endowment have experienced the entry and often rapid exit of mining investor interest and associated capital.

Russia, as the largest country on earth and amongst the worlds leaders in production of many mineral commodities, has experienced its own fair share of mining investment entry and exit, since the fall of the Soviet Union.

In recent years the Russian Federation has seen a number of major legislative reforms in the mining sector designed to stimulate investment and discovery by both domestic and foreign players. These reforms have far exceeded neighbouring jurisdictions, making Russia an attractive mining investment destination. For some reason this remains a little known fact outside of the domestic mining community. This has to change.

In short, Russia is now open for business.

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