Gennadiy Pinigin

Mining Expert Eurasia
Aggreko Eurasia

Born in 1988 the Karaganda city. Graduated from the Karaganda State Technical University with a Mechanical Engineering and Mineral Processing degree.

He worked in the following positions:

- Electromechanics of Kazaktelecom JSC,
- Design engineer and enrichment facility equipment engineer in the ZGOK group of ERNC Corporation,
- BDM in the direction of capital equipment of Metso,
- Specialist in the mining sector of the Eurasia region of Aggreko.

09.10.2019 16:30 - Business Podium 2 | Glinka Hall

Challenges in energy supply of remote mining sites

Lack of energy infrastructure in remote regions
The high cost of kW / h due to the high cost of the fuel component (5 tons per day per 1 MW generator = 260 thousand roubles)
Connecting to centralised power networks is expensive, often impractical or impossible
Seasonal fluctuations in energy consumption
Reliability of power supply in seismically hazardous areas and at extreme temperatures

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