Evgeny Kashin

Newtrax Rus

Evgeny has 8 years' experience in mining technologies.

Between 2011 and 2017 he was implementing dispatch systems, to optimise loading and hauling operations for open pits. Since 2017 up to now in Newtrax Rus, he is working for increasing productivity and safety in underground hard rock mines.

10.10.2019 16:00 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 5 | Tolstoy Hall

The hidden potential of your mine, which you suspect but cannot verify

Today still, ore mines are black boxes, into which a plan for rock mass and drilled meters enters, and the result is the output. It is very difficult to understand if there are opportunities to improve work efficiency. Mining supervisors do not have enough time to control employees scattered across the tunnels of the mine. Performance indicators depend on the human factor greatly.

Due to the complexity of providing communication and positioning of equipment and people underground, the long-proven dispatch systems for open pits can still not be used underground.

Newtrax is the only supplier in the world to offer a telemetry solution for mixed fleets of vehicles and for positioning people and equipment till faces. Newtrax solutions allow receiving operational data during a shift on locations, flights, tonnages, fuel, mileage, drilling operation, vehicle health and many other parameters without human intervention. This makes the mine workflow transparent.

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