Evgeniya Olberg

Senior Reseacher, Environmental Department

In 1998 Evgeniya graduated from the Angarsk State Technical Academy (AGTA) with a degree in Chemical Technology Engineering, and since 2012, she has been working at Irgiredmet JSC. During this time, she hold positions from an engineer to a Senior Researcher of the Environmental Protection Department. The main area of her research interest is the detoxification of effluents and industrial wastes of gold-mining and mining enterprises.

She is the author and co-author of a number of innovative technologies.

Main developed processes:
- detoxification of cyanide-bearing tailings with the help of ozone, including the equipment layout of the process;
- regeneration of free cyanide from the effluents of gold concentration plants;
- ion-exchange purification of the resulting effluents of mining enterprises to the maximum allowable concentrations of fishery basins.

She repeatedly spoke at conferences and symposiums of various levels. She is the author of 6 research papers and patents for invention.

10.10.2019 11:30 - Business Podium 4 | Glinka Hall

Modular effluents treatment plants for industry

The description of types of effluents which are generated at mining and ore mining enterprises is given. The legislative aspects of these effluents discharge and the major methods of their processing to the required standards are briefly considered.

The experience of solving the issue on the example of modular effluents treatment plant - "Octava-TM", which has a significant potential for modernisation and adaptation to different types of effluents is presented.

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