Donat Fetisov

Chief architect
Severstal Digital

Graduated from the Togliatti Academy of Management. Donat has been in the IT industry for about 15 years: he was involved in the creation of a modular university management system for the RANEPA, participated in the creation of a unified health information system of the Russian Federation composed of expert groups of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, designed the DMP platform in Video International for the purpose of advertising targeting, and headed the Sberbank Data Lab project and Big Data Unit.

10.10.2019 09:30 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 1 | Main Hall

Digitisation of production in Severstal

No digital transformation is viable without implementation in the real production. The variety of data types, large volumes, the speed of telemetry and the need for its processing in real time, integration with automatic process control systems - all this makes the task of data management especially for the platform of the industrial Internet of things.

The presentation is dedicated to IIoT projects developed at Severstal. Particular attention is paid to examples of introduction of machine learning in production and the technological stack used in these projects.

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