Dmitry Minaev

Business Line Manager Automation CIS
Sandvik Mining and Construction

Dmitry graduated from the St. Petersburg Mining Institute with a degree in mining engineer in 2004, in 2007 he defended his thesis with a degree in Geotechnology (underground, open, construction). Since 2008, he was engaged in the design and implementation of large mining projects in the CIS, Canada, and South Africa. Dmitry currently leads Sandvik's mining automation business, including the implementing of self-tracked primary mining equipment automation, the mining dispatch system, analytics and process optimisation.

10.10.2019 16:00 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 5 | Tolstoy Hall

Implementation of Sandvik Automation System at Tara mine

An automated approach at an unusual orebody is helping Boliden Tara in Ireland offset declining grades while increasing productivity and improving safety and sustainability at Europe’s largest zinc operation with 2.6 million tonnes of ore produced.

The company’s target of around 2.6 million tonnes of ore annually depends on stops availability, which itself depends on 14.3 kilometres of development per year.

Declining grades also add to the list of hurdles Tara must overcome. It is really needed to offset that in some way, and the mine has focused on improved productivity and reduced cost to deal with those declining grades.

An automated solution provided by Sandvik became one of the best solutions. The mine identified the best possible places to implement the system to maximise the return on investment and has purchased Sandvik equipment with a high degree of automation in terms of their drilling accuracy.

The automatic operation of the equipment also results in less wear and tear. Scanners prevent them from hitting walls or objects in the road, which decreases damage and maintenance costs, and due to increased utilisation the mine is also reducing its capital requirements.

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