Bruce Gregory

General Manager, Perth
AMC Consultants

Bruce is a mining engineer with almost four decades of experience in mining. His primary expertise is in open-pit mine planning and management, equipment selection, valuations, project management and cost estimation. His broad experience within the mining industry includes management of feasibility studies and mining operational improvement.

Since joining AMC in 1996, Bruce has reviewed and advised more than 50 mining operations and participated in the development of AMC's OPMincost cost estimation system.

He has extensive underground and open-pit operational and planning experience at technical and managerial level. In consulting he has focused on open-pit feasibility studies, operational improvement, open-pit cost estimation, mining contracts, equipment selection and valuation.

As AMC’s Global Practice Leader of Business Improvement, Bruce has overseen the recent extension of AMC’s Benchmarking service into the Online Mining Intelligence service which supports mine managers in their improvement programmes on a monthly basis. Bruce is also the General Manager of the Perth office and holds a degree in mining engineering, a diploma in financial management, and a first-class mine manager certificate.

08.10.2019 09:00 - Masterclass AMC Consultants | Tolstoy Hall

Combination of Benchmarking with Digital modelling

Developing realistic production and cost models provide important guides to managing operations. Collecting production data at every stage of an operation provides the basis for modeling the current situation in a mine. But what about the future? Benchmarking helps to fill the gap so that predictive models have a sound basis and can be used to estimate improvement potential.

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