Antony Benham

Principal Geologist
SRK Exploration

Antony is a Principal Exploration Geologist with SRK Exploration Services and has more than 20 years of experience as a professional geologist. He has wide ranging overseas experience in Africa, Middle East and Asia in the management and implementation of geological survey and mineral exploration technical assistance programmes, commissioned assignments, and training and technology transfer projects.

His experience includes extensive experience in Afghanistan, Republic of the Sudan, UAE, Ghana and Sierra Leone. In recent years, Antony’s work has focused on leading major development aid-funded and national government-funded work in central Asia, in particular Afghanistan and Sudan. In Afghanistan, Antony was the Project Manager for three projects building capacity at the Afghanistan Geological Survey and Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, whilst in Sudan he was Project Manager for three projects working with the Ministry of Minerals and the Geological Research Authority of The Sudan to restructure and manage geodata in the country.

He has an interest in precious metal mineralisation, particularly magmatic PGM deposits, as well as gold and base-metal deposits.

09.10.2019 14:30 - Technical Session 2 | Tolstoy Hall

Integration and Adaptation – why these are fundamental in exploration and mine development

Mineral exploration, and any subsequent mine development, can be a challenging undertaking fraught with risk and uncertainty. Many initially promising projects fail at a later stage due to unforeseen issues which could have been identified and understood earlier.

The ultimate aim of a consultancy is to save client’s money by highlighting and understanding any risks associated with exploration, to point out any fatal flaws with projects, and if possible to mitigate risks to a more acceptable threshold. This presentation will demonstrate the importance of undertaking a fully integrated exploration programme to manage and reduce these risks and maximise a project’s value as early as possible.


09.10.2019 16:30 - Technical Session 4 | Tolstoy Hall

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