Andrey Krivchenko

Chief geologist
Kostanay Minerals

Main areas of activity and area of professional interests: analysis of production activities, search and development of effective solutions to reduce the cost of basic processes; implementation of software solutions and their effective implementation. He has been working in a mining company since 2008, and is an active figure in introducing new information products and technologies at the enterprise. Participates in the implementation of projects for automation and cost optimisation in production.

10.10.2019 16:00 - “Mining Goes Digital” Conference - Session 4 | Main Hall

Experience of using K-MINE at Kostanay Minerals

The main stages of the implementation of an integrated automated mining management system created on the basis of the geographic information system K-MINE are considered. The main objectives of the implementation of the system are highlighted and calculations of the economic effect of its implementation are presented. Examples of tasks solved at the enterprise using K-MINE and the results of the system are demonstrated. An example of integration of K-MINE with the dispatch control system of the mining transport complex is shown.

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