Alexey Fedorov

Vice president
Association of Professional Precious Metals Market Participants

Alexey Fedorov, Vice President for Subsoil Users of Association of Professional Precious Metals Market Participants. Alexey has been working in the precious metals and stones market since 2010. Starting 2015, he worked in the Gokhran of Russia (State Administration for the Formation of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the Russian Federation, storage, dispensing and use of precious metals and precious stones (Gokhran Russia) under the Ministry of Finance), dealt with issues of the formation and optimisation of the State Fund, took part in the development of industry legislation. The last position held is the Deputy Head of Department. Head of Gokhran Russia announced his gratitude for the excellent results in work. Since 2019, he has been holding the position of Vice President of the Association of Professional Participants in the Precious Metals Market. He currently leads the development of relationships between subsoil users and market participants.

09.10.2019 14:30 - Business Podium 1 | Glinka Hall

New trade platform for gold-bearing raw materials and gold concentrate

An invitation to cooperation of gold mining companies with market participants for the sale of gold-containing raw materials and products of its processing.

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