Technical Session 1

12:15 - 13:30 / 09.Oct.2019 (Tolstoy Hall)

«Design and construction of mining infrastructure – practices and project cases»

Mining companies will talk about the landmark implemented and planned projects for the extraction and processing of solid minerals.

Sponsor: EMC Mining

Artem Romanchenko
General Director
EMC Mining

12:15 - Experience in designing mining and metallurgical industry facilities by EMC Mining

Artem Romanchenko
General Director
EMC Mining

12:25 - Change of technology for the development of deposits of the Tardan ore cluster

Alexander Fedotov
Operations Director
Auriant mining

12:40 - Design and construction of the Lysogorsky mining and processing plant

Valeriy Rogalskiy
Chief geologist

12:55 - Projects development at Amur Gold in Khabarovsk Territory

Alexander Polonyankin
Deputy of general director for strategy and development
Russian Platinum

13:05 - Simulation modelling technologies for underground mining planning at Nornickel

Vadim Naftal
Head of Industrial Automation and Metrology, IT Department

13:15 - Tailings projects - overview of challenges and opportunities; globally and within Russian context

Henk Van Muijen
Market Director
IHC Mining

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