Technical Session 6

11:30 - 13:00 / 10.Oct.2019 (Tolstoy Hall)

«Monitoring and mine safety. New digital reality. Practical cases»

Mine safety. Radars. Geodesy.

Session Sponsor: Hexagon Geosystems

Alexey Bessonov
Technical Support Engineer

11:30 - Safety 1st and 1st in safety: collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring

Sergey Tsvetkov
Business Development Manager
Hexagon Mining

11:45 - Risk Management for Mining Mobile Equipment

Craig Ross
Ross SH Consulting

12:00 - IDS GeoRadar Solutions for Monitoring Board Stability in the Mining Industry

Alexey Sidorov
IDS georadars manager
Hexagon Geosystems Russia

12:15 - Organisation of remote control of the stability of slopes and dumps in open pit mining of coal deposits

Elena Sergina
Head of Geomechanical Control Department

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