Technical Session 4

16:30 - 18:00 / 09.Oct.2019 (Tolstoy Hall)

«Modern exploration methods and technologies in action»

Modern approaches to prospecting and exploration, 3D-exploration models, 3D-geophysics, combining data from geochemistry, geophysics, geology.

Tamara Golovina
Head of the Department of Geological Exploration Technologies
Polymetal International

16:30 - Integration and Adaptation – why these are fundamental in exploration and mine development

Antony Benham
Principal Geologist
SRK Exploration

16:45 - Geophysical Exploration: Advances in Electrical and Potential Field Survey Methods

Chris Nind
VP Business Development
Abitibi Geophysics

17:00 - The VTEM and ZTEM airborne EM technologies for the exploration of mineral resources- Case Studies.

Nasreddine Bournas
Senior Geophysicist/Regional Sales Manager

17:15 - Geological targeting. Experience. Results

Andrey Chitalin
Chief Geologist, Deputy CEO
IGT Group

17:30 - Conder - a practical case of integrated approach to the search for ore deposits.

Alexander Polonyankin
Deputy of general director for strategy and development
Russian Platinum

17:45 - Implication for new exploration techniques from studies of fluid-flow pathways and alteration in porphyry copper systems using examples from Central Asia

Steven McRobbie
Regional Director
Wardell Armstrong International

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