Panel Discussion 2

12:15 - 13:30 / 09.Oct.2019 (Main Hall)

«Digital transformation of subsoil use in Russia»

In the past several years Rosnedra has greatly contributed for the modernisation of both licensing and exploration systems in Russia. How these innovations influenced the work of mining companies? Have these changes helped to improve investment climate? What further changes miners and foreign investors expect from the Government? What steps is the state taking to digitalise the subsoil use regulation?

Partner: Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra)


Alexey Rudnev, Head of the Minerals Geology Department, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use


Denis Nikishin, Deputy Director for Legal Issues and Licensing of Subsoil Use, Federal State Institution Rosgeolekspertiza
Olga Shenderova, Deputy Head of the Department of Geology of Solid Minerals, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use - Rosnedra
Nikolay Grigoryev, Deputy General Director, Kinross Gold
Vasily Kurashko , Chief Geologist, Kinross Gold
Kamil Akbarov, Director, Licensing and Permissions Department, Polyus
Evgeny Tulubensky, Director of Legal, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Nordgold
Alexey Saburov, Chief Ecologist, Sibanthracite
Antonina Yusupova, Head of Licensing Department, Sibanthracite
Rinat Ismagilov, Director of the Mining Production Department, Metalloinvest
Evgeny Antonov, Chief Operating Officer, Trans-Siberian Gold Management
Dmitry Mikhailov, Director of Legal Department, Highland Gold Mining
Thomas Bowens, CEO, Fortress DW
Alexander Patlach, Project Office Director, Gold of Kamchatka

Alexey Rudnev
Head of the Minerals Geology Department
Federal Agency for Subsoil Use

Denis Nikishin
Deputy Director of Legal Affairs and Subsoil Licensing

Olga Shenderova
Deputy Head of the Department of Geology of Metal and Minerals
Federal Agency for Subsoil Use - Rosnedra

Eugene Antonov
Chief Operating Officer
Trans-Siberian Gold Management

Dmitry Mikhailov
Director of the Legal Department
Highland Gold Mining

Thomas Edward Bowens
President of companies
IG Group

Yulia Zakharova
Head of Licensing Department
Nordgold Management LLC

Alexander Patlach
Chief Engineering Officer
Gold of Kamchatka

Nikolay Grigoriev
Deputy General Director
Kinross Gold

Vasiliy Kurashko
Chief Geologist
Kinross Gold

Rinat Ismagilov
Director of Mining Department
METALLOINVEST Management Company

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