IT Solutions

Orange Business Services is a B2B division of the Orange Group that focuses on digital transformation of large businesses around the world. As a global communications provider and IT services integrator, Orange Business Services has unique expertise in the areas of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, data analysis, AI, application development, and cybersecurity. We support and protect our customers at every stage of their data lifecycle: from collection, transfer, storage and processing to analysis and exchange.

We work in 220 countries and territories of the world, and have been present in Russia since 1958, considering it to be the key market for the company. Today our representative offices are open in 34 cities: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We bring not only our rich international experience, also developing local expertise: our RnD-divisions in the field of the Internet of things and shipping are opened in Russia. We are also the only international telecom operator with its own security operations (SOC) in Russia.

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