Since 2018 Dmitry Romanov manage business development in Roxtec RU company. He provides intensive work in different fields such as Mining and Rail infrastructure.

Thanks to his large experience in the construction of industrial facilities, Dmitry Romanov introduces innovative Roxtec cable and pipe sealing systems, advises design institutes, and trains specialists in design programs.

Dmitry Romanov will be presenting at MINEX Russia 2019 which will be held on 9-10 October 2019 in Moscow, Russia. The main topic of the report – Sealing cable and pipe entries in the mining industry.

The main points of his report are following:
1. Problems of sealing cables and pipes at facilities with high safety requirements
2. Problems with cable entry
3. Basic requirements for cable penetration
4. Why we do not recommend using foam
5. How cable entry should look like
6. Where to use Roxtec?
7. Safety requirements for mining facilities
8. Experience of using Roxtec at mining facilities.
Worldwide experience. Examples of Roxtec solutions.
Examples of application of Roxtec systems in Russia.
2. Why Roxtec?
– saving time for design work (design programs)
– Multidiameter™ technology
– efficiency throughout the product life cycle
– reserve capacity
– technical support and supervision

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