The First Conference of Mining Digital Transformation in Russia will be on 10th October alongside MINEX Russia Mining and Exploration Forum.

The conference will bring together specialists from Russian and international companies that develop and implement 4.0. Industry Technologies at the mining and metallurgical enterprises in Russia.

Conference themes

Production management technologies are constantly evolving. The huge amount of data that companies have to deal with, the rapid change of business models, the emergence of innovative management tools is the reality of the current business environment. The sooner companies adapt to a new reality, the higher their chances in competition. Digital transformation is not a newfangled invention, it is a need for survival in a world where information plays a key role. Experts believe that digital transformation can take the company to a new level of development and business efficiency.

In recent years, leading industrial companies have noticeably increased their level of sampling production, having installed a sufficient number of sensors and sensors to visualize the technological process in real time. For such companies, the very availability of data is not a problem, the main difficulty is to derive benefits from a huge amount of disconnected information, where traditional methods (relational databases) and analysis are not applicable. According to experts, more than 70% of generated data is not used by the enterprise. Nevertheless, the management of companies understands that these data may be further useful for conducting advanced analytics. For example, for the implementation of timely replacement of equipment at the time when it is appropriate instead of the standard approach – scheduled preventive repairs – an accurate prediction of the failure of the equipment or its components is necessary.

What are the key trends in mining digitisation in Russia and Globally? Can subsoil use in Russia take full advantage of the Industry 4.0 technologist and spearhead the development of digital economy? What set of measures is necessary for this to take? Why is digitisation of subsoil use important today in strategic terms for Russia?

All presenters must register before 1 September 2019.

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