Chief Executive Officer, Management company Kolmar, LLC

Mr. Sergey Tsivilev is Chief Executive Officer of Managing company Kolmar ( He holds this position since January 2014 and has achieved significant results in realization of Kolmar projects: construction of Coal mining and processing complexes Denisovsky and Inaglinsky located in South Yakutia, Russia. S. Tsivilev is being involved into Kolmar projects for more than 5 years and used to be a Member and the Head of the Board of Directors.

Sergey Tsivilev possesses strong managerial skills provided by a huge working experience: having graduated from Black-sea Highest Naval College n.a. P.S. Nakhimov for 16 years he was in military service in Naval forces (Captain, 3rd rank). Then left the army and graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of economy and finance, specializing in finance and credits. During the following years he held top-management positions in different companies dealing with construction, logistics, legal services and other operations. S.Tsivilev also performs investment activities mostly in mining industry in Russia and abroad.

Kolmar Group - the leader of the Far East coal-mining industry.

MC Kolmar was founded in 2003 as a Group of coal mining, trading and logistics companies, forming the full mining and shipment cycle for high-quality coking and thermal coals mined from the Nerungri District deposits Yakutia Region, Russia. At the moment MC Kolmar is implementing two major investment projects - Inaglinskiy and Denisovskiy mining and beneficiation plants.

The number of the Company employees is greater than fifteen hundred people. The Company is helmed by Sergei Tsivilev, the CEO.

At the moment the commercial reserves within the Kolmar Group licensed areas comprise more than 1 bln. ton of coal.

In 2015 Kolmar Group production will comprise 3mln. ton of high quality coking and thermal coals. By the end 2017 the target is to produce 13 mln. ton of high quality coking K, Z and KZ coals for the Russian Federation and Asia Pacific consumers.
Today Kolmar is the “motive power” of social and economic development for the entire Russian Far East. The company pretends to be the major employer in Nerungri,the second largest town in Yakutia.
MC Kolmar is a double bottom line company actively participating in important social projects and programmes.

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