Session themes

MINEX Russia Forum content reach agenda will focus on key developments, projects and challenges in the Russian mining industry.

Themes proposed for the discussion at the Forum

Trends in metals markets and their impact on the development of the Russian mining industry
Leaders: plans and strategies
Development of the modern regulatory and legal system in the mining sector
Discovering and development of new deposits: new projects and technologies
Modern opportunities in the Russian mining industry through the eyes of investors
Regional focus: initiatives and prospective projects in key mining regions of Russia
Ecological safety and energy consumption in the mining sector
Optimizing and improving the efficiency of mining to meet productivity growth targets
Measuring the performance of mining companies on economic development, and environmental, social and governance issues
Responsible mining – managing industrial safety, workforce protection and social responsibility
Internetisation and automation of mining in Russia: opportunities and realities
Use of digital technologies to optimise production processes and reduce costs
Management of technical risks and safety in mining
Mine design and mine planning
Financing mining projects
Value creation by mining companies: development and sales strategies
Import substitution and development of local content in Russia’s mining industry
Mining infrastructure and construction
Evolution of technical standards and techniques to improve efficiency of mining in Russia
Innovative technological solutions in mining industry

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