Drasko Jocic

Founder and CEO, Goldea
He has a significant knowledge in managing project development activities and operations in the mining industry. He worked actively with developers and geologists where he assumed responsibilities of project analysis and implementation in West Africa for foreign investors. Recently, he contributed to launching of two mid-scale gold mining operations in Mali with annual output +30,000 Au ounces. During 9 years of work abroad, he leveraged on the versatile knowledge from mining, logistics and modern economics while working with industry leaders. Co-founder of Rex Metal and Cyprom Resources. He is passionate in identifying the undiscovered inefficiencies and leveraging on their optimization.

Drasko Jocic is 33 years old. He was born in Serbia. Speaks 5 languages.
Goldea Project - the first blockchain option for gold mining


Gold is the only asset that has never failed in the 5,000 year history of its use by humans. As such, it is a completely stable and profitable investment. In crisis, it is the safest investment with the greatest potential to increase in value. World biggest economies China and India are buying up gold with a growing demand. Also, for the first time after 30 years central banks all over the world began to buy gold. The prices are in perfect uptrend over the past 10 years and will continue to grow due to market uncertainties. I On the another side, investing in gold mining is available to less than 1% of people worldwide, whereby institutional investors are highly prioritized over the private investors. The intermediaries operate with a set of complex procedures and combine them with pre-defined high initial capital requirements practices as they facilitate a whole process.


With GOLDEA, era of irritating burocracy, abundant paperwork, budget discrimination, time-consuming practices, unavailable transparency, and personal information disclosure is finally going to history. GOLDEA solves the problem with the Ethereum based blockchain project, geared towards creating a community which consists of users who decided to invest in the first world’s token, backed up on one side with an asset value from a gold deposit and another side from its exploitation on a long-term basis, by utilizing the crowdfunding model.


We represent the world’s first gold mining project, which is financed utilizing the attraction of crypto currency by issuing the token option for the exploitation of the gold deposits. GOLDEA – blockchain derivative powered by Ethereum, backed by 100% real gold exploitation value. Each token represents an asset value backed with 1 gram of gold exploited. The investors will have 3 options to benefit from ownership of GOLDEA tokens such as:

- Trade on crypto exchange

- exchange for gold exploited (smart contract)

- bconvert to company shares (smart contract).

The exploitation capacity will be continuously expanded over time by means of generated profit from the gold output sales — what will enable sustainable growth of operations and enhance total asset value of GOLDEA token for its investors.

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