Antonio Carlos Rosset

Commercial Director / President, Leeco Steel / Brazilian Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
President of the Brazilian Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Mr. Rosset was the Commercial Director of the south Korean trading company Hyundai Corporation during 8 years. He developed the steel and chemical market for the Korean chaebol. Besides, Hyundai Corporation, Mr. Rosset developed the commodity market for Samsung C¨T, LG International Corporation and he worked for the Consulate of India. Actually, he is the Commercial Director of Leeco Steel Trading, one of the most important steel players in Latin America.
The Steel Market in Latin America - Business Oportunities

Business opportunities in the steel market and a brief presentation of the business opportunities in the mining field in Brazil and other Latin american countries. There are many oportunities of investments and trading in Latin America and most of the countries are rich in natural resources.

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