5 July


Moderator: Mikhail Leskov, Director for Mining and Metals, AAR
20 min Vladimir Pecheny, Magadan Region Governor. Welcome to MINEX FE 2017 participants
20 min Welcome adresses of Far East regions of Russia and foreighn delegations
20 min Cui Jianguo, Vice President, China Gold Association. Opportunities and feasibility of cooperation between China and Russia in the development of gold enterprises.
20 min Dr.Grigory Mashkovtsev, General Director, VIMS Institute. The mineral potential of the Far East Russia
10 min Q&A

Moderator: Dmitry Agapitov, Executive Director at the IGT group of companies
15 min Vladimir Mitkin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in Magadan Region’ Government. Mineral Industry’ problems and how to solve them
15 min Mikhail Sheybe,   strategist in commodity trade markets,   Sberbank CIB. Gold price fundamentals: parameters and tendencies.
15 min Gennady Kuzmenko, Magadan Branch Director, POLYMETAL PLC. Recent status and trends in Magadan region’ mineral industry development basing on Polymetal local assets’ case.
15 min Vasily Makarov, General Director, Pavlik JSC. Pavlik project development – a basis of further development in Tenkinsky ore cluster
15 min Sergey Belov, Deputy General Director,   Krastsvetmet . Gold mining and gold sales in Russia
15 min Q&A

Moderator: Vladimir Mitkin, Magadan Region Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
15 min Nikolay Grigoryev, Deputy General Director of Kinross Far East LLC. Safety excellence through implementing best mining practices at Kupol & Dvoinoy
15 min Alexander Tuluptsov, Taryn Goldmining Company CEO
An Experience of Taryn Project Development in Yakutia
15 min Alexander Chugunov, General Director, Susumanzoloto JSC. Susumanzoloto – development possibilities and barriers on the road
15 min Vlaimir Bloshkin, Managing Director, Omolon Mining Co. Heap Leaching in Nordic conditions. Implementation of Birkachan project.
15 min Oleg Mozharov, Deputy General Director of Noni Ltd. for Geology. Development prospectives for Noni deposit
10 min Fuad Asadov, General Director, ThoroughTec Simulation LLC. “Modern methods solving human resource quality problems in Russian mineral industry”
5 min Q&A


Moderator: TBA
15 min Dmitry Glinsky, Director of Khabarovsk office. Honeywell. Reliability, Safety and Efficiency in Mining Industry
15 min Barbora Veličková, the Commercial Director of FERRIT. Underground transport systems and their combinations – efficiency, savings, performance
15 min Alexey Fateev, Head of Implementation Department, “Dassault Systemes GEOVIA RUS”. Grade control process automation for open pit mining
15 min Andrei Lomagin, SKD Imports. Improving the efficiency of tire use
15 min Alexey Alexeev, chief specialist fo HSE, Magadan Branch of POLYMETAL PLC. Risk Management Sustem for the efficient work with HSE
15 min Q&A

6 July


Moderator: TBA
20 min V. Shulyakovsky, Chief of 3D laser scanning department, ArtGeo Company. Practical experience of using laser scanning technologies in the Russian mining industry
20 min Olga Izbash, Director, Stewart Geochemical and Assay. Turnkey laboratory – ready-made solutions for mining industry
20 min Еvgeny Bessonov, General Director of “Thermo Techno Engineering”. “Modern approach to analytical control in mining”
20 min Mikhail Melnik, Deputy Director of the Analytical Equipment Department of Energolab company. «Analytical support for geological survey, mining and processing of solid minerals in remote and hard-to-reach areas: modern equipment for elemental analysis»
10 min Q&A

Moderator: TBA
15 min Мaxim Luchko, Leading Engineer of Engineering and Commercial Center JSC “Irgiredmet” “Mineral processing at the recent stage of alluvial mining development”
15 min Danila Samosy, Head of the technical department of PRO Eurasia “Mobile gold recovery plant. Perspective”
15 min Artem Romanchenko,   General Director of EMC Mining LLC. “Modular Processing Plants”
15 min Stanislav Goldfeld, Head of Sales Mining Department Russia & Central Asia, PCM Rus LLC “Reduction of operation costs on processing plant by use of volumetric pumps”
15 min Evgeny Nerustchenko, General Director, ООО «GeoTechSort», Jens-Konrad Oehlschlaegel, Senior Area Sales Manager Allgaier Process Technology GmbH “Pre-concenration of gold-quartz type ore by X-Ray Absorption Method at MOGENSEN sorting machine”
15 min Q&A

Moderator: Dr. Yuri Pruss, Head of Magadan Innovation Technology Center of NEISRI, Russian Academy of Science
15 min Sergey Petrov, deputy director for Mineral resources of Magadan Branch, POLYMETAL PLC. “Fast track exploration strategy. The role of external factors”
15 min Viktor Sidorov, leading geologist, VOSTOK BUSINESS LTD. “Rodionovskoe hard rock gold deposit. Pioneer Ore Cluster. Problems and Prospectives”
15 min Yuri Pruss, Head of Magadan Innovation Technology Center of NEISRI “Cameral assessment of the resources of alluvial mining sites”
15 min Alex Prikhodko, Geotech Ltd., Director of Geophysics. “MT airborne geophysics – opportunities and development”
15 min Sergey Katkov, Exploration geologist-consultant MICROMINE Russia, “Geological prospecting: symbiosis of IT and classical methods (on the example of objects of the Russia Far East)”
15 min Q&A

Moderator: Andrey Polistchuk, Head of Sales for Large and Mid-Cap Businesses, SBERBANK
15 min Alesya Kalinova, Minister of Economic Development in Chukotka Regional Government. Topic TBA
15 min Irina Penyevskaya, minister of economic development, investment policy and innovations of Magadan Government. “Drivers to increase the investment attractivity of Magadan region”
15 min Sergei Grebenyuk, Head of Administration in Special Economic Zone of Magadan Region. “Special Economic Zone of Magadan Region: Experience and Prospectives”
15 min Oxana Bunyak, Director of Vladivostok Branch, Siemens Finance. “Financial Solutions for Mineral Industry Companies”
15 min Dr.Natalia Galtseva, Deputy Director of NEISRI. “Increasing the attractiveness of mining industry investment projects at North East of Russia”
15 min Q&A. Conference closure

Hall 1

5 July, HALL № 1 (1st Floor)

“Implementing front end techniquies of proffessional development and sertification for mining operators”


6 July, HALL № 1 (1st Floor)

Hall 3

5 July, HALL №3 (2nd Floor)


Price Risk Management for Precious Metals Market (by separate invitations)

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