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GNPP Aerogeophysica is a leading Russian company and one of world leaders in the area of providing airborne geophysical services. Every year, in Russia and abroad, GNPP Aerogeophysika carries up to 400,000 linear km of high resolution airborne geophysical surveys at various scales.

The company possesses a large arsenal of the most modern airborne geophysical equipment:

Airplane and helicopter-based EM survey systems of various modifications;
Airborne gravimeter GT-2M;
Multi-channel, high resolution gamma-ray spectrometers;
High-precision, cesium magnetometers-gradiometers;
Equipment for conducting infrared heat and aerosol and gas profiling aerial surveys;
Satellite navigation system.

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AGR Software LLC provides innovative IT solutions for geological exploration. AGR Software is the Russian developer and owner of the AGR 4 information system for exploration works www.agr4.ru (the Skolkovo resident since 2015).

AGR 4 enables mineral developers and service companies to effectively collect, process, deliver and analyze raw geological data. Thanks to it, project managers benefit from online monitoring of exploration projects (including remote access). Standardized geological data ensures effective interaction between geological and drilling contractors. AGR 4 can be used at different project stages – prospecting, exploration and mining.

AGR 4 information system is a high-tech Russian platform aimed to build up corporate geological databases (including state repositories), LIMS, management systems for interlaboratory comparison and other solutions used to collect, process and manage geological data.

AGR Software LLC is a legal successor of RJC company with respect to AGR development, implementation and maintenance.

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Almazgeobur LLC delivers complimentary drilling equipment and components for exploration companies.
Thanks to strong partnership relations with some of the world’s leading producers of drilling equipment we offer the most profitable terms of delivery for the full array of mining and geology-prospecting equipment.
We are the official distributor for companies such as:
• DBC Makina (Turkey) – manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment;
• Safari Diamond Drill Bits Ltd (Canada) – manufacturer of diamond drill bits;
• Premium Drilling Mud (Germany) – manufacturer of drilling fluids and composite materials.
• DEVICO (Norway) – Directional core drilling and borehole survey tools;

In addition, our partners are:
• Halco Rock Tools Ltd (United Kingdom) – tools for RC drilling;
• Mincon Internation Limited (Ireland) – tools for RC drilling;
• Volgaburmash OJSC (Russia) – manufacturer of Tricone and PDC bits.

We’re supplying also spare parts for drill rigs:
– Boart Longyear: LF70, LF90C/D, LF230, LM55, LM75
– Atlas Copco: CS-14, CS-10, CS-1000, Diamec 232, Diamec 262, Diamec 282, U6, U8.
– Schramm: T685WS, T455WS/T455i, T450GT, T450WS, T450BH.

Our company delivers all over Russia and CIS. Thanks to availability of warehouses in Moscow and Khabarovsk the collaboration becomes efficient and mutually profitable.

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ALS Geochemistry is the global leader in the provision of analytical data services to the mining and exploration sectors. With over 60 locations around the world we are able to provide consistent, swift, productive and reliable service to our clients. ALS Geochemistry recognises that mining company corporate wealth is tied to the estimation of mineral resources and that quality assays is of paramount importance to protecting assets.

Our analytical laboratories are certified and registered in each region with global application of standard procedures and audits to maintain standard practice throughout the laboratory network. Our network is linked together internally by our Global LIMS (GEMS) and for our clients using the state-of-the-art Webtrieve™ system, which allows our clients to view location, status and data for their projects.

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AMC Consultants is a leading mining consultancy providing services to the exploration, mining, and financial industries. We work with our clients to plan new mines or improve the operations of existing mines, with a primary focus on achieving optimum output and return.
With experience gained on more than 7,500 assignments over 30 years, AMC is an expert in the business of mining. Our expertise spans mining engineering, exploration, geotechnical engineering, geology, feasibility studies, strategy optimisation, technical audits, appraisals, expert reports, and business improvement services. Our clients include mining companies, insurance companies, banks, and investors. And we now have a Branch Office in Moscow for convenient access to AMC services.


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ArtGeo supplies and delivers State-of-the-Art Geodetic equipment, services and software.

ArtGeo Company cooperates with the market leader in laser scanning systems RIEGL Company and many other manufacturers of laser scanning equipment and the development of three-dimensional modeling techniques, among which the company GEOSLAM, GeoSight, Orbit.

ArtGeo is the exclusive distributor of the company RIEGL in Russia and CIS countries.
Main Business Offerings are:

– Airborne laser scanners and scanning systems
– Unmanned airborne laser scanners and systems
– Mobile laser scanners and scanning systems
– Terrestrial laser scanners
– Industrial laser scanners
– Rangefinders
– Software for 3D modelling

Artgeo develops dealers network and partners relationships in regions of Russia and CIS.

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AV Group (formerly Azot Vzryv Group of companies) is one of the leaders in full-scope drilling and blasting solutions for the mining industry in Russia and CIS.

For more than 15 years AV Group, with its expertise, innovations and deep insight into the mining process, has been providing its clients with efficient drilling and blasting services.

AV Group operates innovative explosives manufacturing and initiating systems production, more than 200 drilling rigs and explosives charging trucks.

Company employs 3,500+ people and produces more than 360 mln cubic meters of blasted rock for its clients annually.

AV Group provides drilling and blasting services to 120+ mining companies in gold, coal, base metal and construction industries.

AV Group is dedicated to providing best-in-class services. Company constantly enhances its expertise applying innovative tools and breakthrough technologies to deliver ultimate solutions for clients.

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BASF offers a wide range of solutions for improving the performance of the mining enterprises. The main directions: flocculants and coagulants, flotation reagents, binders for agglomeration of ores, wet grinding intensifiers, dehydrating (filtration) additives, extractants, antiscalants, reagents for tailing management. In the CIS region the Company has our own laboratory of mineral processing and a staff of service specialists for integrated customer support. Laboratory research of BASF products is carried out on a no-cost basis.

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ContiTech division relates to the world’s leading suppliers of technical elastomer products and is a specialist in plastics technology. ContiTech develops and produces functional modules, components and systems for mechanical engineering and instrument making, mining, automotive industry and other important industries. In 2014, the company ContiTech, together with the associated at the beginning of 2015 the American company Veyance Technologies Inc. achieved a turnover of about 5.4 billion euros (formally). Currently, the Group has about 41,000 employees in 34 countries.

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DATAMINE is a world’s largest manufacture of the software for the mining industry. The company offers solutions in the field of prospecting, exploration, design, and economic feasibility of mineral deposits. More than 1,400 companies around the world use DATAMINE software.
The company DATAMINE offers its clients cooperation in the field of automation of production, staff development, services in the sphere of consulting.


Компания «ДриллТех» осуществляет свою деятельность на территории России и стран СНГ по поставке буровых установок, бурового инструмента и вспомогательного оборудования для геологоразведки, добычи полезных ископаемых, строительства. ООО «ДТ» производит поставку буровых установок Итальянской компания Fraste, имеющей более чем 50-ти летний опыт производства оборудования для бурения геологоразведочных, геотехнических и геотермальных скважин, скважин на воду и инженерных изысканий, строительства и укрепления грунтов. ООО «ДТ» является представителем в России известного завода Голландии, компании Eijkelkamp SoinicSampDrill BV, специализирующейся в области вибрационного бурения, так называемой технологии СОНИК. Компания «ДриллТех» представляет в РФ буровой инструмент для пневмоударного бурения Южнокорейского производителя Wildсat. Главный критерий выбора поставщиков для «ДриллТех» является качество продукции и надежность человеческих отношений.

Компания ООО «ДТ» входит в группу копаний «Буровые Технологии».

В структуру ГК «Буровые Технологии»входит ООО «ПРОФЕССИОНАЛ». Компания специализируется на гарантийном и постгарантийном обслуживанием буровой техники и оборудования.

ГК «Буровые Технологии» в лице ЧУ ОДПО СТБШ имеет лицензию на право оказания образовательных услуг и осуществляет профессиональное обучение и повышение квалификации персонала, оказание услуг по охране труда и промышленной безопасности.

ГК «Буровые Технологии» в своей структуре имеет производственную компанию ООО «БТ», имеющую собственный парк бурового оборудования и специализирующуюся в области устройства свайных фундаментов и укрепления грунтов.

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Eastern Drilling Company (EDC) – one of the largest Russian mineral drilling company. EDC is a subsidiary of FORACO International (3rd largest global mineral driller operating 308 rigs on 5 continents in 23 countries, having 51 years of experience and 2,200+ employees). EDC provides a broad variety of drilling services for mineral resources: diamond drilling, deep directional drilling with wedges, reverse circulation, air core drilling, large diameter drilling (up to 30” in diameter for exploration, bulk sampling, ventilation and backfilling holes, etc.), deep water well and dewatering drilling.

EDC fleet includes proprietary and technically innovative rigs, new Boart Longyear rigs and RC rigs, and other modern equipment for all kinds of exploration work (CAT dozers, camps etc.). We have experience bringing unique rigs into Russia from the global FORACO fleet for special drilling tasks. EDC has subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with all the necessary drilling licenses.

Eastern Drilling Company specializes in providing high-quality exploration services in compliance with international standards and best-in-class safety and environmental practices. We have extensive experience performing difficult projects in extreme climate conditions, in highly remote areas and terrains. Our ability to deliver high-quality drilling services on time, and on budget, is our key success factor.

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EMC-Mining, LLC. is a member of the group of companies “Mining Engineering Group” (“Mining Group”, abbreviated “M-group”).

The group of participants of the group of companies allows performing works for subsoil users in a wide range of services from consulting and research works, to the development of projects for mining, processing, storage of waste and infrastructure, as well as supplies, installation and start-up of individual equipment and complete plants:

– engineering company “EMC-Mining” specialises in development of projects for mining and processing industries;

– the company “PromTrade Mining”  specializes in the assembly, installation and commissioning of technological equipment of processing plants;

– research laboratory “Flotec” performs the study of the material composition of ores, technological research and development of ore enrichment technologies.

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The company Ferrit is a private Czech company with worldwide presence and history dating back to 1993. Over the time Ferrit has transformed from a trading into a production company with an own R&D. An equipment for monorail suspended transport system has the largest share in Ferrit production and gained the company a leading position on world markets.
•A comprehensive transportation solutions, transportation of material and people in all types of mining works – in coal and ore mines and underground engineering in building of tunnels, subways or collectors
•Development and production of a complete range of mining machinery and equipment certified for use in potentially explosive areas with gas and coal dust presence
•Monorail suspended transport, ground rail transport, crawler and wheeled machinery and equipment
•Optimization of logistics and management of mining transport, turnkey projects and complete supplies of equipment in underground mines
A wide network of branches and service centres with trained personnel in all covered markets – in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and seeking expansion of its activities to other countries such as South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina and India.

Work underground more easily, safely and effectively with Ferrit!

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FORGEO – Supplier of products to the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan:

– FORDIA (Canada) – diamond and drilling tools, equipment and accessories;

– MATEX (Canada) – drilling muds and polymers for drilling;

– VersaDrill (Canada) – drill rigs for geological exploration both for surface and underground;

– CMS Cepcor (England) – spare parts for crushing equipment like Sandvik, Metso, etc.

FORGEO guarantees the quality of the supplied products and technical innovations in its products.

The products supplied by FORGEO are always available in warehouses in Khabarovsk, St. Petersburg, Leninsk-Kuznetsk, and also in Almaty Kazakhstan

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Company Gelios provides services in the field of geophysical exploration – implementation of drilling and complex of geophysical methods for geological problems solution. Low cost and high depths of obtained data are achieved by using gravity and magnetic exploration technologies, as well as pulsed electrical sounding.

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GeoJet Exploration has the necessary expertise to plan and implement a full range of geological exploration of solid minerals deposits of  needed subsoil user and the investor for the project development at any stage.
We have many years of practical experience in the implementation of exploration work, own design-engineering department, and highly qualified specialists. As a part of our team employs certified specialists with extensive production experience who have academic degrees and are licensed as Competent Person in their respective areas of expertise and skill profile.
Today GeoJet Exploration uses the advanced approach providing customers with a full range of high-quality and most effective comprehensive solutions for the implementation of exploration works.

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«GeoSolutions» was established in 2015 within strategy of the largest private service company – «OGK Group» (www.ogkgroup.ru) to create a Russian Consultant at the market of solid minerals.

Understanding that geological risk one of the most important and we have set the main task – to establish company focus on issues related to highly professional and complex geological assessment of deposits and support of field operations.

GeoSolutions a strong emphasis was made on building and strengthening a professional team. We do believe that experts with significant experience gained in the shall be a guarantee successful result of any company that provides consulting services in the area where investment and operational risks are measured in millions.

Client orientation, responsibility and commitment, high level of corporate standards and quality requirements, in-depth understanding of methodology and modern practice are the key principles of GeoSolutions.

The main company services are:

  • Development of strategies;
  • Geological support of field work;
  • Geological modeling;
  • Resources and reserves assessment;
  • Preparation of Scoping Study and PreFeasibility study;
  • Others

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Highland Gold Mining is an established gold producer with a world class asset base and competitive cost structure. It has strong management and operational teams, with local and international expertise, an exciting portfolio of JORC audited resources estimated at 16.7 million oz, and annual production of about 265,000 oz of gold and gold equivalents.

Highland Gold’s main operations are located in the Khabarovsk, Zabaikalsky and Chukotka regions of Russian Federation. The Company has 3 operating mines and a pipeline of promising development project and several exploration properties, one of which is located in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.

Highland Gold Mining Limited was incorporated in Jersey in 2002 with a vision to become the most profitable gold mining company in the region with a firm commitment towards safety, health and the environment, and social responsibility towards employees and communities. The company’s shares are traded on AIM in London under the symbol “HGM.L”.

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Irkutsk research institute of precious and rare metals and diamonds (Irgiredmet) was founded in 1871. Irgiredmet provides comprehensive services to companies developing ore, placer and technogenic deposits.

The main activities of Irgiredmet include:

• Mineral assays.
• Research and development.
• Design and engineering.
• Equipment, materials and spare parts supply.
• Construction.
• General engineering of processing facilities.

Irgiredmet has 7 specialized technological laboratories. It employs around 300 high-qualified specialists, including 28 candidates of sciences and 6 doctors of sciences. Over the past five years Irgiredmet has conducted analysis of about 200 deposits, developed 50 mining projects, commissioned dozens of processing plants.

Quality of Irgiredmet services is confirmed by leading Russian and international mining companies, including Vysochaishy, Polyus, UGC, Petropavlovsk, Alrosa, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, Russdragmet, Nordgold, Russian Platinum.

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Kinross Gold is a Canadian-based gold mining company with mines and projects in Russia, the United States, Brazil, Chile, Ghana and Mauritania, employing approximately 9,000 people worldwide. Kinross has been present in Russia since 1995 and to date is the largest foreign investor in Russia’s gold mining industry. Main Kinross assets in Russia: Kupol mine (“Chukotka Mining and Geological Company”) and Dvoinoye mine (“Northern Gold”), both located in Chukotka. Kinross maintains listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: K) and the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: KGC).

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Klen International specialises in the manufacture and supply of fire assay fluxes to the mining and geochemical assay laboratory markets worldwide.

Klen International became part of the VWR group based in USA in late 2012. VWR is a major supplier to the laboratory market.

Klen competes successfully with its national and international competitors and has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of Fire Assay Flux in the world.

Klen International is based in Wangara, Western Australia and is fully accredited under ISO9001.

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MICROMINE is a leading provider of innovative software solutions spanning the entire mining cycle from geological exploration and data management to resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control. Company program products:

Micromine is a modular solution that allows you to capture, manage and interpret critical mining and exploration data.

Geobank is flexible, reliable and secure data management solution for the resource industry. Geobank Mobile is a ground-breaking field logging solution that enables geological field data to be collected and manipulated accurately with real-time validation.

Pitram is a fleet management and mine control solution that records, manages and processes mine site data in real-time. As a scalable solution, it is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production.

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Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) ltd is prospecting company taking risks of early stages and providing drill ready gold exploration targets for JV partners. During three years since it was established MEN (Finland) explored over 500 square kilometres and discovered several mineralisation zones with strike 6-11 km.

We have balanced combination of experience of traditional geological school with enthusiasm of young geologists supported by modern technologies. We believe that success of exploration is result of informed target selection and very intensive field work.

Finland is the best exploration target in the world with geology similar to the leading gold producing areas, good and easy accessible geological information, perfect infrastructure and government, actively supporting mineral exploration.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/sugrp-15-.png www

Northern Urals Exploration Company carries out a range of geological exploration works of ore and non-metallic mineral deposits in the Russian Federation.The fundamental principles of the company are the most effective use of modern exploration equipment, modern drilling technologies, fast and accurate execution of the customer’s orders fully complying with their requirements for exploration.The main company’s activity is drilling operations for mineral exploration:

  • Core-drill method for daylight surface.
  • RC drilling.
  • Drill core orientation for geo-mechanical modelling.
  • Engineering surveys.
  • Hydrogeological works.
  • Geological support for drilling operations.
  • Well Logging surveys.

The company is equipped with modern drilling equipment – both Russian made and imported.

Northern Urals Exploration Company fully complies with ISO 14001 standard for environmental managements systems.

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OGK Group is the consortium comprised of Russia’s leading exploration service companies.  It provides prompt, high quality maintenance services of geological exploration with guaranteed fulfillment of contractual obligations.

The Group unites a number of leading exploration service companies in the country, whose experts accumulated the experience in exploration project management over many years in this business. This country-wide business coverage allows the Group to help its customers significantly reduce their costs on mobilisation and other works, as well as ensure access to almost any necessary equipment in any quantities.

The company’s mission:

  • Creation of competitive consortium of experts in the exploration service market with unitary high standards and country-wide business coverage.

The company’s strategy:

  • Concentration of investment and administrative resources for the creation an industry leader in Russia and former Soviet Union;
  • Diversification of investments in business assets;
  • Active use of partnerships and alliances to maximise the effect of joint investment;
  • Strong management team;
  • Application of international management standards and advanced technologies;
  • Social responsibility and general humanitarian values.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/PAVLIK-en-150-wpcf_150x150.png www

Pavlik Gold Ore Company holds a license for search, exploration and ore gold mining at Pavlik deposit, Tenkinsky District, Magadan Region of the Russian Federation since 2007. Within 2007 – 2011 a detailed exploration of the deposit and its flanks, a considerable volume of core drilling, bulk sampling, hydrogeological, geotechnical, environmental studies and a complex of detailed geophysical works were carried out. In 2013 was prepared constant exploration conditions approved by GKZ Rosnedra with “On-Balance” reserves (C1+C2) 154.3 (t) gold. Resources of Russia P1 category estimates 61 (t) gold. Average gold grade is 2.5 g/t. Accordance with JORC, indicated resources estimates 163.5 (t) gold, inferred resources estimates 53.8 (t) gold.

At the end of 2014, started mining, and in mid-2015 was the first gold production.

In the near future the company intends to complete the preliminary exploration of the deposit Rodionovskoe”, Magadan region. In addition, the company exploration activities on the deposits “Burkhalinskoye”, “Shakhskoye”, “Utinskoye”. also Magadan region.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/RBL-REI-SA-150.jpg www

More than 40 years RBL-REI SA successfully develops and supplies technical solutions for handling bulk solid materials.
RBL-REI SA designs, manufactures, supplies and starts-up 2 different types of conveyors:

– Long overland curved conveyors reaching up to 40 km length
– Subterranean tunnel and mine conveyors

Alongside with the conveyor systems RBL-REI SA also supplies auxiliary mining and quarry equipment, designs and develops storage systems

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/RosGeoPerspektiva-150.png www

“RosGeoPerspektiva” group of companies is the company with 20 years of history. Due to the fact that management chose the right course, during all years of business activity the company purchased new equipment and used advanced technologies. All these made it possible to establish ourselves as a leader at the geological exploration market.

In 20 years of activities, the company implemented more than 70 projects in the territory of Russian Federation and the adjoining states. Seven deposits were included in the RF State balance sheet of Mineral Reserves. Today in “RosGeoPerspektiva” group of companies, there are more than 500 employees who work in Russia and in three representative offices in neighboring states. The company is engaged in geological study of ore and non-metallic fields in the territory of more than 30 regions.

Company management is looking to the future and developing new business streams. The company provides the following services:

– RC drilling
– Core drilling
– Vibratory rotary drilling
– Hydrogeological drilling
– Blasthole drilling Drilling of wells for explosion
– Mining works
– Drilling process geological monitoring
– Rotation camps construction
– Mobilisation and demobilization of drilling equipment
– Laboratory study
– Geophysical study

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/logo-RBC-eng-150.jpg www

Russian Drilling Company – is a company focused on complex geological exploration for solid minerals. Our mission is «turnkey» development of existing sites and “greenfield” projects.

Key components of our services are:

  • modern drilling equipment and materials produced in Canada;
  • professional staff with experience in hard working conditions (low temperatures, swamps, mountains etc.);
  • proven and effective technologies;
  • a number of regional bases created for improving of logistic management efficiency and supply of the drilling sites with reagents and materials;
  • compliance with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Quality Management System  ISO 9001-2011
  • license to perform different works using radioactive substances and a certificate to perform complex engineering surveys;
  • compliance with the OSH Management System and local documents of labor protection and industrial safety.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Scania_logo_150.jpg www

Scania has a long and successful history, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Since that time, the company has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly productive, profitable vehicles for various haulage and special applications, construction and mining segments.

Scania offers cost-effective transport solutions for various stages in mining – from exploration to site reclamation: heavy duty trucks, industrial engines and buses for personnel transport as well as wide range of connected services, e.g. flexible field workshops, consignment spare parts stocks, etc.

Scania’s powerful and reliable trucks with high payload, high uptime and low fuel consumption are the result of many years of research and development. They are built to withstand the toughest operating conditions, transporting ore, coal, overburden, etc. both in open pit and underground mines always providing low operating cost per transported ton of material. Due to flexible, well-proven modular system, the trucks can be easily adapted to customer’s requirements in the environment of the particular mine to ensure high performance, safety and availability. Each Scania vehicle features high quality durable components – engine, transmission, axles, etc. with long lifetime as well as a cab with good ergonomics and high level of driver comfort.

Having over 125 years of experience Scania perfectly understands the needs of customers worldwide.

Taking into consideration the growing demand for equipment and services in mining segment and also peculiarities of mining industry, Scania has established a dedicated business area “Global Mining”. It has headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden and is responsible for the development of Scania business, satisfying the needs of mining customers around the world.

The experts in Russian branch of Scania’s  Global Mining  Unit are  ready to  offer machinery  for any application  in mining industry and taking into account  specific  operating conditions in Russia.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/sgs-190x1281-wpcf_150x150-2.png www

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. With more than 90,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 2,000 offices and laboratories around the world. SGS has been operating Russia since 1981. Today, SGS Vostok limited, the Russian subsidiary of SGS, employs more than 4,700 people with a network of offices and laboratories extending to over 60 cities in the Russian Federation.

Minerals is one of the nine business-lines of the SGS Group and offers services that range from quality and quantity inspection and testing for a vast array of commodities to advanced process control to optimise recovery of metals in processing plants. SGS offers testing services for coal and coke, precious and base metals, steel and steelmaking raw materials, bio-fuels, fertilizers, cement, industrial minerals and diamonds for the purposes of exploration, feasibility testing, production, trading, commercial applications, recycling, mine closure and collateral management services.

f Russia.

http://www.minexrussia.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/logo.png www

Silver Bear Resources Inc. (“Silver Bear” or the “Company”) is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SBR”. The primary business of the Company is the acquisition, exploration, evaluation and development of silver properties in the Russian Federation. The Company’s principal focus is the Mangazeisky exploration licence and the Vertikalny Deposit, over which Silver Bear has exclusive exploration and mining rights. The project is located approximately 400 km north of Yakutsk in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation.

In September 2013, the Company was granted a 20-year Mining Licence for the Vertikalny deposit. In September 2016, the Company was granted a seven-year extension to the term of its wholly-owned Exploration Licence, which now contains no requirements for minimum work on drilling and trenching.

In June 2016, the Company announced the positive results of NI 43-101 Feasibility Study for the Vertikalny deposit, subsequently on July 5, 2016 the Company filed the Technical Report on SEDAR. In August 2016, the Company initiated an update on the mine plan and feasibility study following the resource update at the Vertikalny deposit. In October 2016, the Company announced the results of the Updated Feasibility Study which included significant improvements in the NPV and IRR with only a nominal increase in the capital costs. The Updated Feasibility Study NI 43-101 Technical Report was filed on SEDAR in November 2016

As of October 2016, the Company’s most recent NI 43-101 mineral reserve and resource estimates included a Reserve of 822 kt averaging 852 g/t Ag totaling 22.5 million ounces of Silver, an Indicated mineral resource of 1.0 Mt averaging 1,045 g/t Ag totaling 33.8 million ounces of Silver, and an additional Inferred mineral resource of 1.5 Mt averaging 511 g/t Ag, totaling 24.2 million ounces of Silver. Refer to Projects / Resource and Reserves section for full details.

In November 2016, the Company released an update on the mine development at its Vertikalny deposit. Notably the construction at that time was approximately 60% complete, with project expenditure to date approximately US$30 million of the proposed US$49.9 million budget. In addition, the Company announced a short delay in starting production ramp-up which was expected to be in the first quarter of 2017 with full production expected in the first half of 2017.

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SINO MUG GROUP is the one stop drilling mud product and service supplier in the world, designing for diamond drilling, foam drilling, coal drilling, foundation drilling, water well drilling and geothermal drilling.

Our mud are designed and developed in Australia and produced in China, including bentonite, polymer, rod grease, thread grease, Lost circulation material, lubricant, foaming agent and hammer oil and so on.

We are looking for local distributors and partners in Russia region to expand our mud business.

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SRK Consulting is the world’s first one-stop consultancy offering specialist services to mining and exploration companies for the entire life cycle of a mining project from exploration through to mine closure.

Among SRK Consulting’s clients are most of the world’s major and medium-sized mining houses, exploration companies, banks, audit firms and government departments.

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1974, SRK now employs over 1,500 professionals in 50 permanent offices in 22 countries on six continents.

In 2009 SRK Consulting opened its office in Moscow. Opening of the office in Russia has allowed SRK Consulting to provide its excellent quality technical solutions in Russian and with consideration of the existing Russian legislation in the sphere of subsoil use.

SRK Consulting employs leading specialists in each field of science and engineering. Its seamless integration of services, and global base, has made the company the world’s leading practice in due diligencefeasibility studies and confidential internal reviews.

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Urantzvetmet have been running drilling, geological and exploration operations worldwide for over 10 years. In the field of exploration we gained the confidence of the largest mining enterprises.

The company staff is over 300 highly competent specialists, working, at the moment, on 3 continents: Africa, Eurasia and South America. Right from the start we carried out 120 projects and drilled over 3.4 million linear meters of geological boreholes.

Core projects are connected with exploration for precious metals: gold, silver, platinum. Also a great number of projects in exploration for copper, ferrum, rare metals etc. are carried out.

Company project portfolio is enlarged with researches of radioactive ores. The company has all necessary Certificates and expertise to carry out works keeping up to safety norms to preserve environmental ecology.
Following the results a number of projects, through qualified and quality work, mining enterprises for thousands of working places were built, which supply million tons of mineral resources for the needs of world industry.

Urantzvetmet aims at intensive development, and our achievements are premises for further growth. We strive to strategic partnership and effective work with largest Russian and foreign companies.

Our goal is constant movement to improvements and performance of high quality work. The main priority for the Company is to increase cost-effectiveness of all processes to meet clients’ requirements. We will widen our international representation and ready to provide quality service during all work stages.

Constant improvement of working conditions and regular work for minimization of bad influence on the environment are very important for us.

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With a history going back over 180 years, Wardell Armstrong and its Mining Group, WAI, is a British mining consultancy providing high-standard and value-added professional services to private and public mining companies, banks, audit and law firms, investors and government agencies.

Staffed by over 450 experts with extensive international experience in a diverse range of minerals, we operate worldwide from ten offices in the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan to help our clients get the best possible financial returns – while doing things in a sustainable, responsible way. Almost two centuries of British quality and traditions maintained by WAI make us one of the most trusted name in exploration and mining industry.

WAI provides a wide range of services from preliminary exploration planning, MRE, mine design, HSE, mine closure and financial appraisal provided at all study levels from Scoping Study through to Final Feasibility Study. In addition, WAI has been involved in many AIM and Full Board London Stock Exchange listings as well as TSX and Hong Kong.

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Yantai Jinpeng Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production sales and service.

It is located at Yantai Development Zone, covers an area of 36,000 square meters and a building area of 15,000 square meters, and owns more than 260 employees. There is a mineral separation research institute, a mine design institute, a mining machinery factory, a mining development company, a metallurgy design company, an automation research institute and an installation company. Our company owns more than 20 years of experience in mine design and R&D of mining equipment, and provides one-stop service including mineral processing experiment, engineering design, equipment manufacture, installation and debugging, personnel training and production for the mine with a daily production capacity of no more than 10,000 ton. Annual production value is 400 million Chinese Yuan.

Our company carries out strict quality management of the whole process, and has been certified to IS9001: 2000 Quality Management System. Our products are sold well all over China. Our company owns the rights of self-managed import and export of mining equipment and our products are exported to more than 20 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ghana, Guyana, Nigeria, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bolivia, Burma, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.

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Today “ZBO Drill Industries” is an European level enterprise with high-tech machining technique and a team of professionals. ZBO specializes in the production of drilling tools and equipment for solid minerals exploration and mining.

A broad product portfolio includes:

• surface and underground drilling rigs;
• full set for Wire Line drilling;
• directional drilling tools;
• complex solutions for exploratory wells drilling;
• more than 500 products for common type drilling.

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