Preliminary agenda (Print version)

Master Classes, 10 October

Master classes (Print version)

Admission for registered delegates only

  • Monitoring systems for conveyor belts
  • Monitoring and audit solutions for conveying equipment
  • New ways of data collecting and handling
  • Vision of digitalization for continuously material transport

Organiser: ContiTech

Smart conveying solutions for mining industry 4.0

Speaker Photo
Thomas Neumann
ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH
Head of Sales Europe


When reviewing mining projects, SRK has concluded that improving the accuracy of geological modelling and increasing the amount of detail included in the model together with optimising grade control and planning processes can help improve the mine efficiencies. In contrast to when SRK first gave a masterclass on geological modelling ten years ago, most mining companies now have skilled geological modellers in their head office geological departments, though we note that the weak link for many companies is with the implementation of modern practices, including in deposit modelling, on the mine site due to a combination of frequent turnover of staff and work overload. The objective of this workshop is to provide a high-level overview of the potential where more detailed and effective geological models can help improve operating efficiencies, highlight areas where we see misconceptions and contrasts between traditional and modern approaches. This workshop is targeted at corporate managers and their technical staff to help them understand what is possible, identify common barriers and develop a vision for their operations.

Organiser: SRK Consulting

Speaker Photo
Robin Simpson
SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
Principal Resource Geologist

Practical use of structural geological models.

Speaker Photo
Danila Selivanov
SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
Geotechnical engineer (structural geologist)

Getting it Right – how developing a more detailed geological model can help improve planning and optimise mining operations

Speaker Photo
Liubov Egorova
SRK Consulting (Russia) Limited
Principal geologist

FORUM, 11 October

Forum, Day 1 (Print version)

Admission for registered delegates only

  • Metals markets trends – impact on Russian mining.
  • Investor perception of Russian mining sector – what have changed?
  • Key changes in Russia’s mining regulation.
  • 2017 – a year of ecological reforms in mining and extractive industries in Russia.
  • New economic sanctions against Russia – who they target and what is the potential impact on funding and developing mining & metals projects in Russia.

Speaker Photo
Diana Asonova

Thomson Reuters/ RMET
Metals and mining correspondent

10:30 - Tracking the trends. The top 10 trends mining companies will face in the coming year

Speaker Photo
Igor Tokarev
Partner, Head of the mining industry group

10:45 - The impact of sanctions on Russia and the mining sector.

Speaker Photo
Christopher Weafer
Macro-Advisory Limited
Senior Partner

11:00 - Ore potential of the Russian Arctic zone

Speaker Photo
Grigoriy Mashkovtsev
All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS)
General Director

  • Overview of major mining investment opportunities in Russia.
  • New projects – creating additional revenue streams and attracting investors.
  • Which new Russian mines are likely to have major impact on global metals prices after their launch?
  • Managing and developing mining projects – what are the key challenges?
  • Unlocking mining economic potential with the use of Innovative technologies and know-how.
  • Financing large-scale mining operations and construction.
  • Developing and implementing responsible mining practices – main challenges and rewards.

Speaker Photo
Boris Yatsenko

Partner, Head of the Metals & Mining Group in Russia and CIS

11:45 - A Major challenge: making money in exploration.

Speaker Photo
Vitaly Nesis
Polymetal International Plc
Group CEO


Speaker Photo
Denis Alexandrov
Highland Gold
Chief Executive Officer

12:15 - Pavlik 2.0 etc.

Speaker Photo
Vasiliy Makarov
Pavlik Gold
General Director

12:30 - Kinross Gold: Investing in Russia’s Far East

Speaker Photo
David Whittle
Kinross Gold Corporation
Acting General Manager, Kupol

12:45 - Current status and perspectives of Udokan copper deposit development (resources and reserves, ore mining and processing technologies)

Speaker Photo
Alexei Starodumov
Baikal Mining Company LLC
Head of Design Departmnet


  • Building mining and processing сapacity – projects, challenges, solutions
  • Prospects for building new coal energy generation capacity.
  • Prospects for the development of gold and copper deposits
  • Alternative instruments for financing mining projects
  • Investing in infrastructure to overcome capacity issues
  • Territories of Advanced Development – impact on attracting FDI in mining projects and local economies

14:00 - Developing coal and energy projects in the Far East

Speaker Photo
Alexander Kovalchuk
Russian Coal
Adviser to Director General

  • Responsible mining – developing equilibrium between state, social and business interests.
  • Overview of the key changes in the Federal subsoil use regulation and its impact on mining.
  • The rule of law: overview of the legal process and procedure improvements in Russia.
  • Social Licence to Operate: global trends vs local practices.
  • Environmental damages: legal base and practices for awarding punitive charges in Russia.
  • Implementation of “first come – first served” practices in the Russian mining sector.
  • Geological planning: legal provisions, expertise, reconciliation.
  • Accessing state-owned geological information – current provisions and planed changes.
  • A new system of classification of resources and reserves of minerals in Russia – introduction of the “one window” concept in subsoil use practice.

Speaker Photo
Evgeny Tulubensky

Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Nordgold
Chief Legal Officer

14:00 - Tax incentives for gold mining companies

Speaker Photo
Nina Goulis
KPMG in Russia and the CIS
Partner, Corporate Tax

14:15 - Improvement of the regulatory framework for mine slopes design and operation.

Speaker Photo
Marina Rylnikova
Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources Russian Academy of Sciences
Head of department

  • Developing new projects: practical cases.
  • Upcoming exploration and mining projects in Russia.
  • Outsourcing geological exploration services to reduce risks and costs – trends and examples.
  • Prospects for the development of mid-size and small mines.
  • Mining infrastructure and logistics projects.
  • Optimisation solutions for mid-size and small mines.
  • Development of mineral processing and enrichment capacities at smaller mine sites.

16:00 - Possibilities and advantages of outsourcing the duties of the geological service of the company to the outsourcing company at the stage of prospecting the mineral resources deposit.              

Speaker Photo
Maksim Poltorak

16:15 - Amur Minerals Corp

Speaker Photo
Randolph Lewis
Amur Minerals Corp
President of Russian Operations

16:30 - Interests in Development of Man-Made Deposits

Speaker Photo
Andrey Tverdov
IMC Montan
Technical Director


Speaker Photo
Alexander Demin
Siberian Mining and Metallurgical Alliance (SiGMA OJSC)
Chief geologist

  • Strategic planning from individual mines to large integrated complexes.
  • Controlling the Life-of-Mine Planning Cycle.
  • Open Pit Slope Design and mine planning strategies.
  • Geometallurgy and mining schedule optimisation – is it compatible with “rational subsoil use”?
  • Modelling and direct integration of orebody uncertainty to mine design, production planning, and valuation of mining projects and operations.
  • Accessing mining sequence results from the mining face to the boardroom – 3D visual auditing.
  • Automation and AI applications for real-time management: from mine design to operations

Speaker Photo
Ivan Zavedeev

Expert in industrial projects implementation - mineral resources sector

16:00 - The Pitfalls in Developing a Mining Project

Speaker Photo
Mark Mounde
Wardell Armstrong International
Technical Director

16:15 - Open Pit Slope Design and mine planning strategies.

Speaker Photo
Igor Epshtein
Polymetal Engineering (Polymetal Int)
Head of Mining and Technological Department

16:30 - Geometallurgy and mining schedule optimisation - is it compatible with "rational subsoil use"?

Speaker Photo
Alexey Tsoy
CSA Global
Principal Consultant

16:45 - How to improve the efficiency of the mining process through drilling and blasting? Best practices of AV Group in Russia and CIS

Speaker Photo
Ilya Chernilovskiy
AV Group
Managing Director


Speaker Photo
Robin Simpson
SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
Principal Resource Geologist

17:15 - Integrated Mine Planning

Speaker Photo
Alexey Fateev
Dassault Systemes
Head of Implementation Department

FORUM, 12 October

Forum, Day 2 (Print version)


  • Designing mines taking into account the permafrost factor.
  • Optimal organisation of mining transport operations.
  • Increasing reliability of mining equipment in extreme climate conditions.
  • Methods for increasing the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations.
  • Analytics in the field – an operational alternative to traditional laboratories.
  • Reducing water risk factor in open pit and underground mining.
  • Protecting mine workforce – best communication technologies and practices.

Speaker Photo
Alexander Taskaev

Wardell Armstrong International (Russia)
Technical Director

14:00 - Quick establishment supplying of analytical labs to mines

Speaker Photo
Aleksandr Akhmatgaliev
Lead Engineer

14:15 - Engine start modules based on ultracapacitors TEEMP

Speaker Photo
Sergey Kurilov

14:30 - Underground transport systems and their combinations - efficiency, savings, performance

Speaker Photo
Barbora Velickova
Commercial Director

14:45 - ‘Orica’s variety of technical solutions for increasing blasting operations efficiency’

Speaker Photo
Sergey Mozer
Orica CIS
Business coach

  • Refractory ore and high-resistance minerals processing in Russia – outlook on economic potential and technological challenges.
  • Effective solutions for processing gold and other PGM refectory ores.
  • Innovative solutions for enrichment of gold and polymetallic ores.
  • Complex processing of tantalum-niobium ores.
  • New lithium ore processing technologies.
  • Methods of extracting precious metals from coals and products of their combustion.
  • Technological solutions for processing refractory tin ores and waste recycling.
  • Economical solutions for filtration, thickening, pumping and dewatering.

16:00 - Prospective directions of enrichment of tin-containing mineral and technogenic raw materials

Speaker Photo
Galina Gazaleeva
Deputy General Director for Science

16:15 - Reduction of operating costs using volumetric pumps

Speaker Photo
Stanislav Goldfeld
Head of sales department

16:30 - Reducing operating costs and improving the efficiency through the introduction of alternative types of pumping, compressor and filtration equipment.

Speaker Photo
Alexander Reshetilov
OOO "TK "Reshetilov i Ko"
Development Director

16:45 - Modern wireless technologies in monitoring of leaching process for gold extraction

Speaker Photo
Igor Boychuk
Key accounts relationship manager, Metals & Mining

  • The Russian Mining Excellence Awards
  • Amateur photo competition “Miners and Mines of Russia”
  • MineTech – mining challenges and solutions competition

Associated event – 12 October

micromine-160px-wpcf_150x150The Forum has been held in Russia since 2005 and is considered as one of the most important and authoritative events on Mining and Exploration in the region and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. The MINEX Russia Forum regularly brings together over 500 heads of industrial companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, countries of the European Economic Community, China, Mongolia, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.
The MICROMINE team has developed the User Conference, held on the 12 October, has become a valued platform for experienced staff and industry professionals to fostering interactive discussions, improve existing mining workflows and exploring best practices through technology in the region.

Conference speakers are all users of MICROMINE solutions and will be providing detailed presentations based on real projects that reflect the daily tasks, work and experience that they have faced in the mining industry. The Micromine User Conference is not an advertising platform for the companies presenting but provides a place for companies to present real life proven cases and engage in lively discussions with experts, government representatives and colleagues.


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