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The 13th International Mining and Exploration Forum – MINEX Russia 2017 will take place at the Radisson Slavyasnkaya in Moscow on 10 – 12 October 2017. 

AH8A7713Organised under the main theme “Mining in Russia – moving up with the buoyant markets” the Forum will provide an industry-wide discussion on Russia’s mining industry growth scenarios and its ability to renew mineral resource base, develop infrastructure, train personnel and introduce more efficient solutions to reduce the costs and improve efficiency.

The Forum is held in Russia since 2005 and considered as one of the most important and authoritative events on Mining and Exploration in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.  MINEX Russia Forum regularly brings together over 500 heads of industrial companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, countries of the European Economic Community, China, Mongolia, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia.

[tab:Why Russia?]

Why Russia?

IMG_0783The market conditions in the Russian mining industry are currently aligned in a way that created a perfect window of opportunity to market fresh technology to Russian companies: thanks to favourable exchange rates and lower costs Russian mining companies recently found themselves having some breathing space- and with it the resources to modernise and invest in new technologies. Personal and direct contacts with Russian miners are essential for bypassing trade barriers created by politicians and selling directly to the industry.

Success is often attributed to being at the right place at the right time, as many lament the state of mining currently Russia provides some great opportunities in the industry, all you have to do is position yourself right and take them and MINEX Russia Forum is the ideal platform to do so.

Investor’s views on Russia

“We are witnessing an interesting resurgence in interest in Russian mining. I think that is in the hands of Russians. Mining investors can stomach political disputes of the type that exists between the US and Russia. These investors are experienced enough to understand the nuances of those risks. The perception among investors is that the risk has been the rule of law, and the practical requirement that foreigners need political protection to operate in country. The feeling I get is that the industry perceives that corruption is declining, at least regionally, and that legal process and procedure is improving”.

Rick Rule (http://sprottglobal.com/our-team/rick-rule/)

MINEX Russia Forum win-win formula 

DH0I4166MINEX Russia Forum formula offers a unique formula for selling to the Russian mining sector. From a purely marketing perspective MINEX Russian Forum provides international participants a unique opportunity the hangar trade-shows can rarely match.  The MINEX Russia Forum annually brings together over 500 delegates facilitating opportunities for meeting in just two days key decision makers in the Russian mining industry.

Many tech conferences and big trade-shows are designed to serve the needs of engineers, who then have to “sell” their CEO, COO and CFO the technology they saw at the show. This takes valuable time and often bears no results. In a similar way, forums that market innovations to top decision makers often fail to encourage companies to breach the gap between marketing and practical implementation since people who are the boots on the ground of day to day operations are not present to be able to assess the potential efficiency gains or be able to get answers to important empirical questions.

The highly refined and focused content of the MINEX Forum agenda attracts top decision makers who rarely visit trade shows. The content rich Forum program of plenary sessions,  master classes, panel discussions and networking sessions also attract ops managers, engineers and tech people who often accompany top managers to the Forum. This best of both worlds approach creates a unique platform that places MINEX Forum in a position where the decision makers can evaluate technologies and services on offer while the tech people can discuss concrete plans for their efficient implementation. This combination provides a perfect climate for signing agreements on the spot.

A concise exhibition with circa 50 high visibility stands and booths at the conference is purpose built to make innovative products stand out and not get lost in the sea of common and inferior products offered by other companies like it often happens at big tradeshows. All exhibitors can arrange their product or service demonstrations at the “free for visitors” MineTech competition sessions organised alongside the show. The representatives of break-thorough technologies are often invited to participate in the panel discussions at the main Forum which gives them a chance to present their case to the top managers.

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MINEX Russia 2017 programme overview 

Master-classes and workshops  | 10 October

ah8a6892Before the official opening of the forum, a series of master classes and seminars will traditionally be organised, where participants will get acquainted with the practice and processes of optimising the production of companies in modern conditions. Master classes are designed for technical managers of mining and geological companies.

One on one meetings will be held during breaks

Ice-breaker drinks will be organised at the end of the master-classes offering great opportunities for networking and exchange

Forum – Trade Show – Networking – Webcasts | 11 and 12 October

ah8a8934Over 80 speakers and panellists are expected to present at the Forum’s 12 sessions to be held on 11 and 12 October.

Over 500 delegates from Russia and overseas are expected to take part in the Forum this year. Forum sessions will broadcast live via MINEX Forum Facebook and YouTube video channels.

Trade show organised alongside the Forum on 11 and 12 October is expected to attract over 1000 visitors.

Themed interactive round tables will be organised during lunches offering delegates and speakers opportunities for holding discussions on specific topics and themes for smaller groups (up to 10 people per table).

Associated events | 11 and 12 October


Traditionally the Forum offers its partners platforms for organising independent events. Micromine regularly holds its customer annual conference alongside the Forum.

Since 2015  the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) has been using Forum framework for organising its round table meeting with the managers and shareholders of Russian and International companies to discuss in a constructive atmosphere “bottlenecks” and issues related to legal and regulatory practices.

Social-focused events | 11 and 12 October

ah8a9755Russian Mining Excellence and Russian amateur photo competitions will be  held within the Forum framework.  The finalists and winners of the competitions will receive awards at the Gala Dinner on 12 October.

Poster wall | 11 and 12 October

ah8a8428A poster wall be will be organised organised alongside main Trade Show offering forum delegates additional opportunities for the presentation of projects and business proposals.

Conveniently located between two exhibition halls the Poster wall area serves the function of a meeting point.

ah8a7633Part of the installation will be reserved for posters created by the group of scribers who will be drawing live during the speeches.

Scribers’ works have become an instant hit at MINEX Russia last year and thanks to the original format and skillful images attracted attention of many delegates and trade show visitors.

Russian Mining Excellence Award 12 October

ah8a9639Since 2007 MINEX Forum has been holding annual Russian Mining Excellence competition to recognise and reward best mining, investment and social projects realised in the Russian mining industry

The announcement of the winners 11th Russian Mining Excellence Awards will be held at the Gala Dinner on 12 October.

Photography competition “Miners and Mines of Russia” | 12 October

ah8a9656Mining amateur photo competition has been established by MINEX Forum in 2012. The competition provides amateur photographers with the platform for presenting a vivid image and diversity of mines and miners of Russia.

The awards of the winners 6th Photography competition will be held at the Gala Dinner on 12 October.

MineTech competition – mining challenges and solutions competition   | 11 – 12 October

dh0i4176MineTech – International competition of mining challenges and solutions will be held for the first time alongside MINEX Russia 2017.

Launched in April 2017 at MINEX Central Asia Forum in Kazakhstan, MineTech competition (http://minexasia.com/2017/minetech) created new win-win format for winning new businesses and selecting mining solutions.

During the competition experts will present solutions to challenging cases offered by the mining companies operating in Russia. The winners will be selected by the jurors who will be representing competition challengers. The announcement of the winners will take place at the Gala Dinner on 12 October. After the competition the mining companies will be able to create a super challenge and invite the winners to implement the proposed solutions.

Interviews | 11 – 12 October

AH8A8012Thought provoking interviews with the Russian mining champions will be organised alongside the mainstream sessions of the forum. Interviews will be conducted by prominent mining journalists and broadcast live via MINEX Forum Facebook and YouTube video channels.

Themed Lunch interactive round tables | 11 – 12 October

ah8a6948Companies or Individuals interested in sharing their ideas or projects with prospective clients, investors and peers will be able to host themed discussions at the interactive round tables during lunch breaks.

[tab:Session themes]

MINEX Russia Forum content reach agenda will focus on key developments, projects and challenges in the Russian mining industry.

Themes proposed for the discussion at the Forum

Trends in metals markets and their impact on the development of the Russian mining industry Leaders: plans and strategies Development of the modern regulatory and legal system in the mining sector Discovering and development of new deposits: new projects and technologies Modern opportunities in the Russian mining industry through the eyes of investors Regional focus: initiatives and prospective projects in key mining regions of Russia Ecological safety and energy consumption in the mining sector Optimising and improving the efficiency of mining to meet productivity growth targets Measuring the performance of mining companies on economic development, and environmental, social and governance issues Responsible mining – managing industrial safety, workforce protection and social responsibility Internetisation and automation of mining in Russia: opportunities and realities Use of digital technologies to optimise production processes and reduce costs Management of technical risks and safety in mining Mine design and mine planning Financing mining projects Value creation by mining companies: development and sales strategies Import substitution and development of local content in Russia’s mining industry Mining infrastructure and construction Evolution of technical standards and techniques to improve efficiency of mining in Russia Innovative technological solutions in mining industry

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MINEX Russia participants 

More than 500 participants from over 30 countriesOver 50 exhibitors from Russia and abroadMore than 70 reports and presentationsAbout 10 corporate sponsors and partnersMore than 30 media and knowledge partners

The MINEX Russia Forum annually brings together over 500 delegates facilitating opportunities for meeting in just two days key decision makers in the Russian mining industry.

45-50 % of the Forum delegates – CEOs and company directors

35 – 45% of the Forum delegates – Operation managers and Engineers


Government officialsMining CompaniesExploration CompaniesInvestorsBanksLegal FirmsTraders Asset managersMining ConsultantsMining engineersEquipment producersService ProvidersTrade associationsMining research Institutes and Universities 

[tab:Participation options]


Participation in the Forum as a sponsor offers companies exclusive features and visibility. Sponsorship emphasises the company’s high professional standing in the Russian mining industry. Sponsorship status is the distinguished sign of the company’s leadership aspirations. To receive information about available sponsorship opportunities, please submit enquiry form.


Open to visitors MINEX Russia Exhibition and Business Podium sessions organised alongside the main days of the Forum on 11 and 12 October will provide platform for showcasing advanced mining technologies, mining projects, services and equipment.

Over 50 Russian and International companies exhibited at the trade and investment show organised alongside the Forum in 2016. The show attracted around 900 business visitors from Russia and overseas.

Exhibitor registration closes on 22 September 2017.Exhibitors who wish to present at the Forum or MineTech challenge must complete registration before 1 September 2017. 


Over 100 national and international companies and experts presented at MINEX Russia in 2016 offering their views on current practices, projects, investments, strategies technologies and regulatory developments. The Forum provided a powerful impetus for the multilateral exchange of information and better understanding of the on-going changes in the mining industry and opening opportunities to business partnerships, trade and investments.

MINEX Russia 2017 Forum Secretariat calls on national and international mining experts, analysts, investors, technological companies and government authorities to submit before 1 September abstracts to be considered for presentation at the Forum.

The Forum agenda and confirmed speakers will be announced on the Forum website once all speaker proposals have been reviewed.


ah8a9574Delegates who wish to present at the Forum or MineTech challenge must complete registration before 1 September 2017.

Delegates wishing to attend the Forum without presentation must register before 6 October 2017.

Please allow 10 working days for Russian visa application. Further information about visa


Limited places are available to mining and business journalists as the Forum. To receive media pass journalists must submit accreditation form before 6 October.

ah8a7958Knowledge and Media partners

MINEX Russia Forum 2017 organisers are inviting Mining Media and Mining Associations to submit partnership proposals before 15 August 2017.  Further information.


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