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MINEX Russia Forum offers platform for presentation of Brownfield and Greenfield investment projects

Applications for project presentations must be submitted before 1 September – 


The need for further exploration of mineral resources in Russia requires access to funding and the ability of subsoil users’ to economically and quickly implement projects. Those who cannot demonstrate healthy balance sheet and steady cash flow find the dialogue with financiers extremely hard and mostly unsuccessful. Besides geopolitical tensions many investors believe that Russia has very little to offer, as most projects are not viable while commodity prices decline and political tensions between Russian and the Western World remain.

Is this true and what is being done?

The role of the Russian State in supporting mineral exploration is declining. In 2015 the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology further reduced funding and limited the number of state-sponsored exploration projects. According to the Agency for Subsoil Use, this will inevitably decrease the growth of proven reserves in the medium term and could have a negative impact on the production of the major strategic minerals such as gold, diamonds, and silver in 2016-17 and beyond.

While the Government’s ability to support exploration is shrinking, the share of Private Business and Entrepreneurship in developing Russia mineral resources is growing.

Where can businesses find the money and resources for exploration?

According to survey conducted by MINEX Forum in early 2016, the funding for mineral exploration in Russia mainly comes from the following sources:

  • Large and mid-size mining companies with strategic interests in Russia
  • Industrial holdings and metal producers
  • Russian and International private equity companies and funds
  • High-net-worth groups and private investors
  • Local regional development funds
  • Commercial banks (mainly in the form of loan finance)

US_8806Investment podiums

To show-case investment projects and assist business matching  MINEX Forum organisers are launching at the MINEX Russia Forum in Moscow a new platform where companies and entrepreneurs will be able to present Brownfield and Greenfield projects to a group of potential investors and financiers.

Presentation of projects will be organised in the format of the “Dragons’ den” investment TV show. Projects will be evaluated by the panel consisting of experts from leading mining companies, banks, private equity firms, venture financiers and consulting companies.

After the presentations, experts will hold one-on-one consultations with the presenters and discussing the possibilities for further implementation of the projects (e.g. organization of project financing, raising private equity, selling to strategic investor, raising funding via IPO or lending, etc.), Presentation and interviews will be recorded on video and published after the Forum on MINEX TV channel on YouTube.

The cost of participating in the Forum and presenting investment project is 800 GBP

Applications for project presentations must be submitted before 22 August



The cost of participating in the Forum and presenting investment project is 800 GBP

Entrance to the presentations will be open to the public and media.

Applications for project presentations must be submitted before 22 August to completing speaker and delegate forms

Presentation slides must be submitted not later than 15 September to

The cost covers:

• Participation of project presenter in the Forum 5 and 6 October
• Provision of time slot and announcement of the presentation in the Investment podium session program
• Placement of speaker and project profile in the Forum catalogue and on the Forum website
• Provision of the venue, audio and video equipment, Russian-English translation
• Video recording of the presentation
• Provision of the venue for holding one-on-one meetings and consultations after the presentation.
• Publication of the presentation slides in the post-event materials

To promote company or projects companies can book Poster Panel at the Exhibition area

Poster display hire  = £ 300 GBP

Fee includes poster board hire (1 m width x 2 m height) in the Poster display area


Investment podium aims to:

  • Assist with showcasing and promotion of the new and developing mining projects;
  • Provide education platform where subsoil users can learn how to prepare and present investment presentation in accordance with international standards;
  • Help subsoil users with improving their understanding of the criteria and requirements of various investment and financial groups involved in investing projects;
  • Provide experts views and recommendations for project development or implementation.


Recommendations for the design of the presentation

Presentation slides must be submitted in PPT, PPTX or PDF format not later than 15 September to

The number of slides in the presentation should not exceed 20

Presentation template

0) Title of the project

1 ) Description of the project

  • History of the project
  • Geology
  • The work their results – geophysics (methods applicable to this type of deposits), geochemistry, surface production and drilling.
  • Separately describe work (if applicable) done on the project in the last 5 years
  • Other studies conducted – hydrogeology, geomechanics , metallurgy , ecology , and so forth .
  • Infrastructure
  • Markets

2 ) What do the owners want

  • Business and project strategy
  • Further works planned by owner
  • Estimated investment or funds required

3 ) Contact details of the project operator

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