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Established in 2001, GroundProbe has rapidly grown to become a leading provider of safety solutions to the global mining industry. GroundProbe is renowned for its development of the world’s first slope stability radar; a system to monitor mine walls and warn before collapses occur in open pit mines. The company actively assists a global community of mining and infrastructure professionals to make confident, informed decisions to better manage risk, increase productivity, and ensure maximum safety.

GroundProbe serves major mining companies in over 25 countries, and has offices in Australia, North and South America, Asia and Africa. The company employs over 175 staff and 50 support technicians, globally. With a core focus on making mining safer and more productive, GroundProbe’s state-of-the-art technology has detected more than 500 wall failures, and has been awarded with national and international recognition awards for its international product design, innovation, growth, and industry excellence.

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