Zoloto Kamchatki JSC


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Zoloto Kamchatki JSC is the first company started gold mining on territory of Kamchatka currently the largest gold producer in the region.

The Company owns 9 licenses for development  of gold deposits located on the territory of Kamchatka with mineral resource base of more than 12 mln. ounces of gold (375  tonnes of gold).

Geological exploration works are done by the Company management to enlarge mineral resource base of the deposits and guarantee sustainable Company development.

One of the key issues of the Company is responsible use of mineral resources. The crucial task of the Company’s environmental policy is maintenance of the most environmentally friendly mining activity taking into close consideration unique nature of Kamchatka region, standards and requirements of environmental safety.

Zoloto Kamchatki JSC is the major taxpayer of the region. As a result of the Company activity in 2016 the regional treasury will receive several hundred million rubles, 1700 individual working positions introduced.

In cooperation with Far-East Development Fund Zoloto Kamchatki JSC works at regional infrastructure development.

The Company plan for 2016 is to produce more than 5 tonnes of gold in total.

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