RT-Business Development



A management company for financial and industrial groups and holdings

RT-Business Development focuses on the professional management of financial and industrial groups and holding companies. 

Andrey Korobov is the head of the company.

RT-Business Development was founded in 2014 to provide professional asset management services, as well as to promote the development of Rostec Corporation’s most promising areas of business through a variety of financial instruments. These key areas include innovative and high-tech industries (telecommunications, electronics, IT, and production of advanced materials) as well as traditional sectors (resources, transportation, and infrastructure).

With its significant experience and representation in the leadership of major companies, Rostec can provide substantial assistance to businesses and organizations in many areas, including interaction with public authorities; mergers; consulting; and much more. RT-Business Development will help to increase the value of companies and minority shareholdings under its control.

Currently, assets of RT-Business Development include shares in the following companies:

– Yota Holding Limited;

– Yota Devices;

– Avia Capital Services LLC;

– National Center of Informatization;

– VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation;

– MegaFon PJSC.

In 2015 RT-Business Development acquired 100% share of RT Global Resources.


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