Geotech Ltd.


Geotech is the world’s leading airborne geophysical survey company and is a full service company in helicopter and fixed wing geophysics offering high end technical services in the fields of unique active and passive electromagnetic methods (VTEM, ZTEM, AIRMT), state of the art gravity, high sensitivity magnetics and the most advanced radiometric systems. Geotech’s team has decades of experience in planning and executing successful airborne geophysical surveys throughout the world. Geotech is well recognized for high-end airborne geophysical surveys for around 35 years and has been an innovator in the design and application of detailed airborne geophysical surveys offering the most advanced exploration platforms available in the World market today. We are committed to continuous improvement of existing systems and invention of new technologies. Geotech owns and operates an Aviation company (Geotech Aviation) with a world-wide fleet of helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts.


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