Mining and Geological Consortium


Participants of the professional association “Mining and Geological Consortium” are the companies with a long-term and successful work experience in the sphere of subsurface resources use:

  • Oreoll LLC specializes in reserves calculation, resource assessment, Geological and mathematical modeling of deposits, creation and management of geological databases and maintenance of exploration works.
  • GeoConsultInvest LLC specializes in geological and economic assessment of solid mineral deposits at various development stages, mining operations optimization, Scoping study development, design solutions, mining technologies for ore deposits and non-standard minerals.
  • Geotechproect LLC specializes in mining enterprises design and industrial infrastructure.

Consortium provides a full range of services, from geological exploration support, placing reserves on the State balance sheet of SRC to the design and construction of mining enterprises.

Consortium allows clients to reduce seriously the cost and performance time of all works complex necessary for effective development of solid minerals deposits.


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